Friday, September 9, 2011

The icing on the cupcake of our amazing day!

When things are good they are truly GOOD. I would like to not only hang on to these fleeting moments in time, but try to imprint them in my memory so that I can recall them...go back to them during some of those dark and scary times with diabetes. I would like to sit back during the wee hours of the morning and recall them just so I can remember that things aren't always bad...they aren't always scary...there are times when we are in control of this disease and WE are the ones running the show.
The past few days have been nothing short of incredible. We had a bit of a hiccup on the first day of school with some stubborn lows in the afternoon that carried on through to the evening...but other than that, Emma and I have been kicking some major booty in the diabetes/blood sugar department. We also happened to have her 3 month clinic appointment on Wednesday. I was nervous...just like we all have a tendency to get before clinic time. I was sitting there waiting for the judgement (all self-inflicted by the way). I was waiting for the a1C results...and of course putting too much emphasis and importance on that number. I know I shouldn't...I know it really is not a reflection of the effort I put in. Trust me...I stay up all hours of the night, I check blood sugars frequently, I run myself ragged on a daily basis trying to gain control of it and be the front runner in this race with diabetes. Like I have mentioned before though...I have gotten quite good at pacing myself. Anyway, the nurse pulled up our records on the computer screen and got me to stand in front of it. She pointed out our past a1C results since Emma was diagnosed...none of them were fact the last one was downright horrible...I was embarassed and for some reason ashamed of that darn was like standing there getting the results back from an exam I took in high school...and seeing a big fat "F" staring back at me. (not that I ever got "F's" in high was a good kid...I was smart...until I grew  up and had diabetes move in and steal my sleep which causes me to be less than smart on a good day now! LOL!). Anyway, the nurse got a huge grin on her face and pointed on the computer screen to show me our last was jaw hit the floor...I was beyond happy...I was elated! I know this might not seem like a good a1C number to some of you...but this is the lowest one we have ever I was incredibly proud of that number! The nurse could not have been happier either with our progress...she couldn't stop smiling...I couldn't stop smiling...and Emma sat there looking at us like we were a couple of loons because she didn't understand what was going was awesome. I have had so many unpleasant experiences in that little nurse's office...first injection on diagnoses day, tears, screams from Emma when we first tried to show her the pump at 5 years old, fear on my part, despair. That room is the background for so many terrible memory photos in my when this moment came along, I made sure to grab it...hold onto it for dear life and put it on top of my pile of mental images. Score one for the D-Momma's...score a big fat ZERO..nothing...NADA for diabetes!! I am so beyond proud of us!!!
The icing on the sweet delicious cupcake that was our day? The parking garage meter was I didn't have to even pay for parking at the hospital.


  1. I find that I am "less than smart" some days too - love the idea to blame diabetes! I'm stealing it :)

    Congratulations on a great a1c! It's easy to say not to put too much emphasis on a number, until we have our own staring back at us. You work hard every day, I am very happy that you received some recognition for that today. Keep up the great work Mama! And woo hoo...gotta love a broken parking meter :)

  2. Wo-FREAKIN-Hooooo! That is fabulous news for you and Emma. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. xo

  3. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! That is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!! :)

  4. Yay! It's an awesome feeling to see a lower a1c. Also--no free parking at your hospital?! I'm glad you didn't have to pay this time, but you shouldn't have to pay at all!

  5. Congrats!! Keep kicking some D a$$ and don't forget to kick a little extra for me ;)