Friday, September 16, 2011

The kindness of a friend

This school year has been different than the others so far. It's been a struggle when it comes to all things diabetes. I've been filled with stress, worry, and frustration. Emma was having a hard time remembering to bolus for her snacks...and the teacher was having a hard time reminding her to bolus.
One day after school, another Mom of a little girl in Emma's class asked me how things were going so far with the new teacher and diabetes. I let out a big sigh and explained to her my frustrations with the whole situation...told her how it was harder this I'm trying to give Emma more independence when it comes to managing this and how I was having a hard time getting the teacher to help her with things like remembering to bolus at snack time. I felt bad for "dumping" it on this other Mom...because really I understand that it is my own problem and every one has their own problems in life...this particular Mom has 3 children under the age of 7 and she went back to school she has her plate full too...she has plenty of things going on and plenty of stress in her own life. It was nice though to be able to get it all out...and talk with someone and see them actually listen. Not that smile and nod fake kind of listening...where they really aren't hearing a single word you are saying...they just look at you with that "oh're the Mom dealing with diabetes...I don't know anything about I'm just gonna pretend like I'm interested in what you're saying" look on their face. This Mom was actually listening to felt nice.
Well, the next day when I picked Emma up from school at lunch time...she came walking out with a huge smile on her face and told me that her friend (the little girl of this particular Mom) had asked Emma that morning if she wanted her to help her remember to bolus for snacks. Tears stung my eyes and I instantly had that warm fuzzy feeling in my know the kind of feeling...the same one you get when you see a commercial on tv with an adorable baby...or fuzzy kittens...and something of the sort. Emma was so excited and so happy that her friend had offered to help. It made her feel special. It made her feel important and like she had her own age...willing to be there for her and help her. Sure, she gets help from Shawn and I every single day when it comes to her diabetes...but to get the offer of help from someone her own age...someone she plays with and laughs with on the playground...well, that just meant the world to her...and to me.
This small act of kindness and compassion left me smiling for the rest of the day...actually I'm still smiling. This life with diabetes is hard as we all know. There are dark and scary difficult times that leave us feeling helpless...hopeless...alone. So, when these little sparks of goodness in our lives come makes it all the more sweet. It makes me realize that there really are people out there in the big bad world that care....people that love us...people that want to help us...people that want to see us succeed and are willing to help us get there. People that have plenty of their own things going on in their lives and they are still wanting to reach out and touch our there for us in any way they can...big or small. It's amazing and I am truly greatful to have a few of those people in our life.
Emma made a little certificate for this awesome friend certificate awarded to her...and we bought her a little halloween bear (this little girl's birthday is actually on Halloween!)...and Emma gave it to her this morning. I love seeing kids show kindness to one another. It makes me hopeful for the future...hopeful that my little girl will be ok and will have plenty of friends around to help her out and keep her safe...just as she will for them. They will make the world a better place...I believe that with my whole heart.


  1. I can't believe the teacher can't seem to remember. Bummer that she's not more reliable.

    Thank goodness you have sweet, caring friends! And I love that Emma made her friend a certificate and bought her a bear. Warm fuzzies all the way around!

  2. How sweet! Kids are so awesome!

  3. "Awesome Friend Certificate"

    What a fabulous tell your sweet Emma that she has a heart of gold!

    That other little girl and her mama are pretty awesome too ;)

  4. Oh, I love this! Truly an angel in disguise. What a special friend, indeed.
    And to have someone actually listen, what a gift for you, as well!