Friday, September 23, 2011

Random thoughts by Flo

So we found out the other day from reading a book in the pet store that when cats quickly move their paws back and forth in front of them on the floor that it is because they are happy...and it's called "making biscuits" lolol...i find this term very amusing for some reason.

Sometimes you just gotta matter where you are...who your with...what song it just gotta let it out. For example, busting out with "Danka Shane" (or however the heck you spell it!) while standing in the kitchen buttering a biscuit (hehehehe...again with that word...biscuit!) for Emma is a perfect time to sing it.

I think they should make those little bouncy ball jumpy things that you sit on and bounce around on in grown up's fun...Emma has one and I want one too.

They make scented nail polish awesome is that?? I haven't purchased any yet though because I know that I would spend a whole lot of time sitting there smelling my own nails...and people would stare...and that would be awkward...

I hate when Emma is low. It scares me. It actually scared her tonight. She was afraid that she was going to pass out. I will post another post on this moment in our lives later I think...still a little shook up from it at the moment.

There are really only two places in this world that I am a teensy bit less nervous for Emma to be low at...#1 being the grocery store....because there is food all over the place...just grab it and eat. #2 being when we are out trick or treating...feeling low? just reach in your bag and munch away.

It is impossible to look cool when walking into the non-moving side of the automatic glass door of the pharmacy.Yep...walked right into it...good stuff

Getting only 4 hours of sleep makes it next to impossible to function like a normal human being all day.


  1. Love this post...I needed a good giggle this evening :) Scented nail polish huh??? Might have to check that out this weekend with my girls! And I totally agree on those big bouncy ball things...I don't know anyone who can resist trying them out :)

  2. We love some scented nail polish up in this here joint we call home!!!!

    Trick or treating ROCKS!

  3. Ah...AWKWARD indeed on sitting there and smelling your nails. I would do the same thing. I got the "crackle" finish by OPI this summer. LOVE IT.

    And...the stationary door crash made me laugh. Yeah, I don't think coolness can partner with that in any way, shape, or form.

    Have a great w/e. xo