Sunday, September 11, 2011

My jumbled thoughts and wishes

Feeling a little overwhelmed today and just had to get it out...not sure if you would consider this a poem or just my random thoughts...either way, to me: it's....

what really matters

the love we have for each other
the warm feeling you get in your heart when you look upon your child
the hope
the overwhelming desire that they will grow up and one day make this world a better place
a safer place....a happier place...a free place
the feeling that takes over your body and forces that smile upon your face
when you see someone helping another
not because they have to...or feel obligated to...
simply because they want to
because it is the right thing to do
the look on your child's face as they are growing and understanding more of the world
seeing them look upon another,
one who is different...unusual...completely opposite of themselves in every way
and noticing the look turn to wonder...curiosity
not hate...not judgement...not a look filled with malice
wondering where and when the human spirit changes
and why we can't all hold onto that innocent acceptance forever
the capacity to be good...accepting...caring
it's boundless
all of the politicians, beaurocrats, powers that be...
need to take a moment...pause amidst the chaos and arguing
remember that childlike acceptance...innocence...
the world we live in could be so much better if they did
so while I sit here and wait
possibly forever...well past the moment I take my last breath on this Earth,
I turn my attention to what really matters...
my family...our health...our happiness...our acceptance of others...our willingness and desire to help,
our spirit....our bravery...our undying courage to keep trying
our love


  1. Beautiful.

    "Childlike acceptance"

    We should all strive for such a characteristic.

  2. This filled my heart...was it in response to explaining 9/11 to Emma?

  3. thank you Wendy :o) and you are exactly right, Reyna!