Sunday, September 18, 2011

my poetic therapy

We are here together for what we hope to be forever
when in reality it's more like an instant...
the blink of an eye.
I wake each morning simply to see your face
to watch you grow
to watch you learn
I try to teach you how to be make a be uniquely you
Each breath I take, each beat of my heart...
each tear I shed, each burst of laughter that overcomes me...
it is all for you...because of you.
I try to let you live the life you were meant to live
try to make sure this disease that tries to overtake my mind...
does not overtake yours
With each morsel of food that goes into your mouth,
I calculate diabetes
With each playdate, school day, activity,
I worry diabetes
With each illness, emotional turmoil, stress,
I panic diabetes
With each fundraiser, Walk, news of research,
I hope diabetes
With each kiss goodbye, each goodnight hug, each wave and call of see you later,
I pray diabetes
I tip toe into your room many times at night
to watch you sleep, to watch your chest rise and fall with each sweet breath.
I check your blood sugar to make sure you are safe
I pray that the last kiss I gave you will not be the last
I pray that when I finally do lie my weary head down,
that you will awaken once again in the morning
I pray that you won't leave me in the night...
silently slip away
to fly above the clouds
free from needles, insulin pumps, and finger pokes.
I pray that my time with you will continue,
that we will not be separated...
that when I walk into your room with the rising sun...
I will find you smiling up at me once again...
eager to LIVE another day together.