Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Clawwwww!

What's the deal with those one touch test strips that we use with our animas ping? Why is it that everytime I open the bottle to take one three or four of them are all stuck together. Like they have some sort of static cling thing going on. Maybe I need to put a little fabric softener sheet in there with them. Maybe they just like to stick together because they are a friendly bunch? Maybe they are too clingy? Maybe they have issues of their own and figure if they stick together, the odds of them being pulled out and being the chosen one will be less likely to happen? It sort of makes me think of the scene from Toy Story in Pizza Planet with the little alien toys in the claw machine....."the claaaawwww! I have been chosen! farewell my friends!"

That's all I got today....not in the mood to write about the past couple of days nonsense/stress/lack of concern from others/ignorance....maybe I will another day.


  1. Well, we know those little strips stick to everything, so it must be static...or they are afraid of your claaaaww! :)

  2. lol so funny. its like they are sure if you pick them its sudden death.

  3. Ha! So true...I am always taking out a few at a time...FRUSTRATING!