Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stop what you are doing and simply laugh

Sometimes you just have to laugh....it can seem like absolutely nothing in the world is going your way..the whole one step forward two steps back scene is taking over. Everything you have planned for is not happening. Every attempt at preventing that worst case scenario is shot down. The diabetes world is closing in on you trying to knock you down and trample you in a stampede of BG checks, blood, carbs, and insulin. What can you do to make it through? What can you do to get up, dust yourself off, and take control again? What can you do to survive?

In my experience..............


Yep...simply laugh...stop what you are doing, pause amidst the chaos of the craptastic day going on around you...take a deep giant sized breath and let out the biggest laugh you can muster. Laugh like you did when you were little. Laugh at the craziness you are having to deal with. Laugh at the fact that you have test strips out the wazoo falling out of your meter bag. Laugh at the fact that in your quest for loosening the reigns and giving more independence to your 7 year old...she has not only forgotten to bolus for morning snack at school....but ALSO afternoon snack. Laugh at the fact that for some reason even though she forgot to bolus for afternoon snack, that she still came in at a nice clean 8.9 BG come supper time. Laugh at the fact that you completely screwed up in the SWAG department for that hamburger bun she ate at the parents night BBQ at school. Laugh at the fact that she wound up with 1.65 units left on board and only had a BG of 6.2. Laugh that you got caught in the thunder and rain while trying to locate the piano teacher's new house out in the boonies. Laugh that everything in your day is seeming to come up smelling the total opposite of roses.

Laugh....laugh until it stops being stressful...laugh until your belly hurts and you can't breathe...simply laugh.

Know that the sun will rise again the next day. The rain will clear up. Your kid will actually listen to you (and your multitude of post-it notes all over her desk, snack bag, BG meter case, and notebook for recording BG's!) and finally remember to bolus for her snacks. She will get it. She will take a minute and a breath of her own...slow down...do each step and not rush through them just so she can get outside to recess...she will remember.
Most important of all, know that you are doing an amazing job. You are doing the best you can with the hand you were dealt. You will make it through to the other side of this path to independence. You and your kid will survive. You both will learn. You both will laugh together.

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  1. great advice. I have a lot of laughing to do! :-)