Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good!

It's rather funny how something so seemingly small and non-important can totally turn your whole day around. Yesterday I wrote all about how craptastic my day wasn't the worst day of my life, but it was definitely not anywhere near being the best. Well, I just wanted to share one other thing that occured that I found sort of amusing. I hauled ass to get Emma when school was over ( I was on time! woohoo!) and like the good, semi-intelligent, lesson learning Momma that I am...I parked the car and grabbed her blood sugar meter case and walked up the path to her school. The case is adorable actually...we got it from another fantastic D-family and Emma just loves it. It is a froggy and the eyes on the front of the case can actually snap on or can make him cross-eyed, normal-eyed, googly-eyed...whatever floats your boat. In any case, at times I find myself playing around with the case without really knowing I am playing around with it...I will zip and unzip it making a little "zipper tune" song (I get the feeling I may be slightly ADD at times...lolol), or I will snap and unsnap the big froggy eyes. I kept doing this while I walked down the sidewalk and up to her school. I went around back to join the other waiting parents and eventually stopped messing with the froggy bag. The bell rang and the kids came flying out like usual...Emma ran up to me, tossed me her backpack, and flew over to join her friends on the monkey bars. This is all part of our usual afternoon routine really. After she had her fill of playing, we made our way back to the car to head home. Emma got in the back seat and I tossed her the froggy bag to check her BG and make sure things were good. She unzipped it and said, "ummmm....Mommy? Where's my poker?" I turned around and looked in her poker...just her meter and a container of strips...UGH. I gave her a little something to eat and told her to stay put so I could retrace my steps and look for the meter. I hopped out of the car and veeerrry slowly tip toed down the sidewalk scanning the entire area for the little gray and blue lancet device. A couple of houses ahead of me there was a man pushing a lawn mower like nobody's business...IPOD going, whistling away, giant cowboy hat on his head, cutting his grass in style and with vigor! LOL. Anyway, I instantly though....oh no....i bet he mowed right over my favorite lancet's probably shredded into a million tiny plastic pieces and it's ashes are spread across whistling cowboy's lawn. So, I made my way back to the car upset at the loss of the lancet device that had been in my diabetes toolbelt for roughly the past 2 years. I drove home to get another one before we went out to run some errands. I happened to glance up in the rearview mirror and saw Emma's face...she had tears streaming down her cheeks...crying softly to herself. I panicked immediately thinking she was low or sick or something was wrong! No....she told me she was upset that I lost her poker...she though that she would never be able to check her finger again...she thought we would be lost and clueless when it came to figuring out what her BG was from now on. My heart hurt...I felt so horrible for losing it and for causing her to worry about her BG future. I quickly explained to her that I had 2 more devices at home and it would be ok...everything was fine...we would still be able to check her worries!! She looked so relieved at that point. I hate that diabetes causes her to worry and stress over things like that sometimes. It is such an adult kind of stress....she's 7...she shouldn't have to have any stress in her life.
In any case, after getting the new lancet device we stopped at the store and when Emma stood up she turned around to get out of the car and there was our beloved "lost" lancet device sitting on her booster seat! She screamed at the top of her lungs, "HERE IT IS MOMMY! I FOUND IT!! IT'S NOT LOST!! WOOHOO!" So, there you have it....when my day kept getting worse and worse and more annoying with each ticking of the clock, all it took was that "reunited and it feels so good" moment with our lancet device to make things better. As I type this, I realize it sounds like I have entirely too big of a connection to said lancet device...lolol...what can I say...if nothing, I'm definitely an overly loyal kinda girl!


  1. Our lancet decides to go missing on a regular basis... sooooo frustrating! Glad you found it. THose suckers are expensive!

  2. I hate losing lancets. Our Delica keeps losing the "cocking" button! UGH. The stress for the kids is a lot. They are little people dealing with a BIG disease.

  3. What a 'great' addition to the crap pile of your day! We are total poker snobs, too...would totally buy an unneeded meter to get a replacement Multi-Clix if we ever lose Bean's!

  4. Oh...totally forgot to comment about the froggie's eyes!! What a fun bag...I would be playing with those eyes all the time, too. How cool to be able to position them however you want!! :)

  5. We have this one BD lancing device, among others of course. It's our favorite for a number of reasons, but BD is no longer making them. It's irreplaceable now. Every time we think its missing, we panic. None of us wants to lose it.

    The worry and stress that our kids experience gets to me too.

    The froggy bag sounds super cute!