Sunday, May 15, 2011

Embarassing myself and trying to carry a tune

OK, so a couple of weeks ago I posted something on my Facebook...I offered up the opportunity to embarass me on the internet all for the low low donation of $10 towards supporting JDRF and this year's Walk for a Cure. Emma and I will shamelessly make a video of ourselves singing and dancing to the song of your choice. A good friend of mine put through the first request actually...that fantastic 80's tune "Whip It!" by know the guys...the ones with those crazy red plastic hats that look like lego pieces or something?! Yep...that was her choice! So, tonight Emma and I got down to business and made good use of my two red salad bowls. I knew I would one day be able to find more than just one use for those suckers!
Anyhoo, it was honestly one of the funniest evenings I have spent with Emma...she is a nut and I am so glad we did this together! I want to share this with you all so you can get a small glimpse into our life and see how versatile salad bowls really are. Thanks for watching and I will apologize in advance for my inability to carry a tune! Enjoy!....or don't...and still pretend that you did!....just cause you are a super nice person...:o)!/video/video.php?v=10150242215879715

Or if you care to hear a little idle and definitely amusing chit chat between Emma and here!/video/video.php?v=10150242227249715


  1. Those were so much fun to watch! You two were great! I especially enjoyed Emma's dancing and accents! She's a hoot! :)

  2. I cannot get them to open? Do you have to be on FB for us to see them? xoxo

  3. ...and we're out! LOVE IT!!!
    You totally whipped it into shape! :)