Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aquarius Spelling Bee Champion of '89!!

So at one point in my life, I read a book about Astrology and Zodiac signs. I'm an Aquarius and so is Emma actually. I don't remember very much about the book to be honest, but a few things have stuck in my brain that I thought I would share. Apparantly Aquarians parents are very well suited to have Aquarian children...good thing for me on that one! My all-time favorite factoid (love that word..."factoid"!) from that book though was that it said that Aquarians tend to surround themselves with oddball people. We gravitate towards the unusual folks. We have a wicked sense of humour and love to be around people that will make us laugh like lunatics. Ok...I might have exagerated (are there 1 or 2 "g's" in that word? when did I turn into such a horrible speller? I will have you know that I won $20 and the 1st place trophy in my 6th grade spelling bee at camp!...wonder what happened to that skill of mine? I'm gonna blame it on diabetes...lol...why not? woah...would you look at that...I just had a whole little conversation in my parentheses...nice) on that one a bit. But it definitely did say something about loving the unusual and hilarious people of the world!
As I look back on my life (wow...I'm talking like I am 88 years old or something!), I realize that every single person that I became friends with...every single person I sought out and wanted to spend time with...they were all a bunch of goofball characters. That is what made me happy.
Now, I see Emma doing the same thing at school with her friends and I have to admit...it makes me giggle. I see her passing over the opportunity to jump rope at recess and instead choosing to go play "Monkey Man and Gorilla Girl Save the Universe" with some friends. I see her wanting to go play Secret Agent Spies with friends outside instead of tag. I think that is awesome. I love that she's creative and seeks out other kiddos that are creative too.
I think that the ability to laugh and the ability to think outside the box are incredibly important traits to have when living a life with diabetes. Reason being is diabetes is a taker...it's a relentless bully that just takes and takes and takes until you feel like you just don't have anything left to be taken. Diabetes is always there and more often than not, it doesn't play nice and it doesn't play fair. So, to have the ability to find the humour in a stressful situation and laugh in the face of it...well, I just think that is one of the best traits to posess.
Well, I think I'm going to end this post right here...keep it short and sweet and to the point. My brain is a little scrambled at the moment from being out in 104F temp. all day today. I would love to know how to make that little tiny circle symbol for "degrees" on here...it's driving me nuts for some reason...I can make a smiley face...I can make a heart...but I can't make a stinkin degree symbol! Curses! lolol...ok now I'm rambling....and I really must go before crazy pump lady "Flo" comes back....lolol


  1. I love me some CrAzY Ass Flo!!!! :)

    Emma sounds like she'd fit right in around here Amy! There is all kinds a crazy-funness that goes on.

  2. i love when kids just want to be themselves. i love creative people who know its ok to be THEM and ok to be different. im raising my kids to go 'meh, you go that way, im going this way'.

  3. I love that Emma is who she is and is OK with that! There's way too much crap around 'fitting in' and changing who you are to do so...what a load of crap! Embrace your inner Flo and go with it!!!

  4. I'm laughing. That whole degree symbol thing bugs me too! :)

    Creativity and individualism are fantastic! High five to Emma for being herself!

    BTW, I'm hoping Flo returns! (Not that I want you beyond exhausted or anything, but Flo is a hoot!)