Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr and Mrs Duck come to visit

This evening after supper Emma decided that she wanted to go outside and play. I was under the impression that "play" meant something like riding her bike, trampoline fun, or some made up game she has come up with. Instead she sat down at the bottom of the porch and grabbed my little gardening shovel and started digging in the dirt. There she sat in her jean skirt, white leggings, and fancy girlie shirt...digging away in the dirt. She makes me laugh...she is such a tomboy always wanting to climb things, get dirty, play video games, and do the typical boy things, but she is also VERY much into the fashion typical girlie type of things. Anyway, she sat there finding things to bury in the dirt, calling them her buried treasures...a road hockey ball, an old padlock and key, random sticks and rocks. I sat there on the porch steps soaking up the sun and enjoying my free minute to relax. I'm finding moments like these rare lately, so when they do happen, I have learned how to zone out and enjoy them before they are abruptly interrupted and gone by Emma yelling for something, diabetes getting in the way, the dishes piling up, or the phone ringing.  I sat there listening to Emma's chatter as she worked...digging away...doing her best impression of Captain Jack Sparrow (I have an obsession for Johnny Depp...which has rubbed off on I happened to glance over because I heard an odd sound...there sat two ducks...within arms reach of us...staring at us. They had silently walked right up to Emma and I and appeared to be checking things out. There was a male and a female. After explaining to Emma that the male was the one with the beautiful green colored head and the female was the more plain looking one, she informed me that they were married...Mr and Mrs Duck. I was amazed that they weren't afraid of us at all! We sat there on the porch watching these little animals as they gave us their stare down. I went into the house to grab some bread so Emma could feed them. She tore off little pieces of bread and made a trail going down our driveway. I found it interesting how the male duck seemed to be the boss...he was hogging all of the bread and the poor female kind of stayed off in the background. After the bread buffet was finished, the ducks waddled off down the sidewalk leaving us. Emma and I stood there watching them leave and I got to thinking about my life. I spend a lot of the time so rushed and busy...always running here there and everywhere...trying to get people where they need to go, household things, food, needles, doctors appointments, school functions,'s never-ending. Sometimes I get so caught up in it that I forget about what is really important. I forget to notice the little things...the flowers that are starting to bloom finally, the sun shining, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees...and an adorable pair of ducks out for an evening stroll.


  1. Sweet story! I can just picture the ducks waddling away on their little stroll.

  2. Love the ducks! It's so important to grab those moments when we can...I needed to be reminded of that, thank you!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening. I love moments like that. I felt like I was right there with you guys...through your wonderful writing. Thank You.