Monday, May 2, 2011

Ease on down the road? NEVER!

Pump start day is fast approaching and I am sitting here thinking about how funny my life is. It seems to me like I can never do things slowly...I can never just ease into them carefully and comfortably. For some reason things always happen that cause me to have to quickly get used to things...hurry up and decide...get it done...MAN UP as Emma would say. For example, Emma was diagnosed at the end of June '08 and had to start school in September for the first time. She was never in daycare, never away from me for more than a few hours in her entire life up until that point. So, I had to jump right in...soak up the stress and nervousness and worry...dive in with both feet and send her off to school newly diagnosed. She will be starting the pump now on May 10th and I thought that for once in my life I would have a few of those proverbial minutes to get used to things...take my time...ease into the new life with a pump. I should have known better! Two days after the start day she has an appointment at the dentist which always causes her BG to do a little wacky i will have to figure out how to manage that one with the pump. Three days after that she has a birthday party to go to...not just your run of the mill "play at the house/eat cake/play pin the tail on the donkey" kind of birthday parties either. It is another one of the YMCA birthday parties that is 3 hours hour of running around the gym like a maniac hopped up on 10 pounds of pixie sticks, one hour of pizza, cake, and rock wall climbing...and one hour of swimming....yep...swimming. So I get to literally and figuratively dive right in and experience our first "swimming with the waterproof goodness of the Animas Ping" pump. Sure, it would have been nice to sit back, relax, wait until at least July to figure out how things will play out with swimming with the pump...but nooooo I get a grand total of 5 days to "figure it out" and "get comfortable" lolol...good stuff. I'm starting to notice how many things I have put in quotes in this post...kind of funny...things seem a little more important I think when you put them in a quotation mark sandwich.
Anyhoo, just thought I would share my inability to takes things nice and I can never ease on down the road. I don't plan for things to work out that way...they just always seem to anyway though! Maybe that's a good thing?

I would also like to mention that we are holding our 3rd Annual Dollar For Diabetes Day this year to help raise money for JDRF. Fingers crossed that it is a big success and this year will be one for the record books! Here is a link to my Facebook page event I created.!/event.php?eid=214483561913869


  1. WOW, you are jumping right will do great...feel free to email with any questions Amy! xoxo

  2. Nothing like "hitting the ground running" ... thought I'd join the quotation fun! :)
    Serious motivation for figuring things out!!

  3. those are a couple situations that you will LOVE having a pump for. If the dentist appnt causes her to go high, you can bump up the basals or just give a small correction...easy peasy. And for swimming, if she tends to drop, you can just unhook her. Anyhow, talk to your pump trainer and they will let you know how to handle it. You're gonna love it!!!