Sunday, May 22, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun...and fallin in LOVE!!

Today was quite possibly one of the most amazingly best days of my life since Emma was diagnosed. I am seriously falling in love with her Animas Ping. I started out hating it before I even had it in my hands, then I moved to being scared of it and thinking I was going to break it or it was going to break my daughter so to speak, and now I am slowly but surely falling in love with it. I know...I're probably saying, "But Amy, it's just a machine! How can you love a tiny little machine?....and aren't you already in love and married?!" Well, yes...yes I am....but I can't help it. This little device is proving to me how serious it is about keeping my kid healthy. It is like an eager little kid wanting and willing to do the best job it can to make you happy. I love it....I'm still afraid of it to a certain extent...but I love it. Emma's blood sugar #'s today were as follows....3.7(66), 4.1(73), 5.7(102), 6.4(115), and 5.9(106) that ladies and gentlemen is what you call perfection. I am so happy. Emma is so happy. She is acting like a nut. I feel like I am FINALLY getting my kid back again. I am getting back the kid that I used to have before diabetes. She is happier and laughing more...playing and has more energy...acting WAY more goofy than usual....simply because she is feeling good....and she is feeling good because of her good blood sugar #'s...and her good blood sugar #'s are because of her Animas Ping. I love having her back...I love seeing how much more free and and happy she is. I loved taking her to Dairy Queen after supper an "unscheduled snack time", and getting her an ice cream treat. I loved sitting at the table and pushing a few buttons to bolus her instead of having to drag out the needles. This pump has somehow made me feel like some of those pieces of my heart that were broken off many times over the years, are finally starting to grow back. I am so beyond greatful that we live in a time where my daughter can have this...and can have so much of her life's simply awesome.
Also, earlier today we made another video for a friend who donated to Emma's Dollar for Diabetes fundraiser for JDRF. Let's just say there was lots of giggles, a fireman hat, embarassing dancing, and Daisy the cat....if you are ready for some laughs at my expense, here ya go....:o)!/video/video.php?v=10150249374254715

Hope you enjoyed it and had a giggle....and I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!


  1. That video was a riot! It was fun watching you and Emma have fun! It's clear you have a great time with her. And love this as a way to raise funds for JDRF!

    This post had me smiling from beginning to end. I'm so happy for you. It must be the best feeling in the world to have your girl back. :)

    Mmmm...Dairy Queen!

  2. Ah, love is a wonderful thing!!
    So glad you are moving past the unsure and into using it to make life better.
    So, so glad to hear that your Emma is coming back! That just touched my heart to hear how she is doing and feeling so much better!
    I think we'll have to make a trip for a chocolate dipped cone to celebrate with you tomorrow!!!

  3. Glad you're getting such great results! And it must be a relief to know she is feeling better, also. Tried to click the link and it only takes me to my main Facebook page--not sure why!