Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dancing in the grocery store

I had to go to the grocery store today...two times as a matter of fact...two seperate occasions to be even more exact. That is how good my memory is these days...I run out to pick up something we need and wind up leaving with 5 things I didn't need instead. Anyhoo, on my 2nd trip there I was standing in line behind a woman with her little girl who appeared to be around 3 years old. I love watching kids. I think they are hysterical for the most part. I stood there waiting in line and saw this little girl just start to twirl around and dance by herself. She wasn't just shyly swaying to the music...she was full out dancing...hands high above her head, shaking her hips, and kicking up her heels. It was awesome...lol...I was majorly impressed. It got me to thinking actually...at what point in our lives do we as adults decide that it is too embarassing or too inappropriate to act like that? Why do we not continue to be free and have fun and dance at the grocery store? Why do we lose that carefree attitude?
I'm sure my kid would tell you that I don't ever act like the typical Mom. I like that. I have been known to sing along with Emma while walking through the store when I hear some Smashmouth "All Star" come on over the store speakers. We have skipped down the frozen food aisle holding hands and stopping to write our names in the frost on the freezer doors. When I took her to see the movie "Star Wars-The Clone Wars", we were the only 2 people in the theatre and so during the fight scenes we both stood up in the aisle and had our own pretend light saber fights...sound effects and all. It was great. I have even full out ballroom danced with her in the middle of the pharmacy while waiting for our prescription to be filled...twirling her and everything. Sure, people stared. Some even looked at me like I was doing something wrong and I was being rude or not setting a good example for my kid. I say to hell with those people! Life is too short to worry about how you look to everyone else. Life is too short to care about embarassing yourself in public. One day when Emma is a grown adult with her own family, I want her to be able to sit down and remember all of those little moments. I don't want her to remember the mundane everyday necessary activities of life. I want her to remember having fun with her Mom. I want her to remember all of the nutty things we have done together and laugh. I want her to do the same things with her own children one day. Those goofy moments are what life is all about. So, I say dance...spin and twirl with your arms high above your head...live free and have fun.


  1. I just love hearing about your relationship with your daughter. You are an amazing mom. Love that you do silly things with her...and we all should dance in the grocery store! :-)

  2. WoHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Clearly, I am of the same thought. I love that you are carefree with her and live in the moment! I may need to do my next karaoke performance in the supermarket in honor of you! LOL

  3. LOVE IT!! My most favorite memories are of my mom and I belting it out in the car.

    Right now, my daughter thinks I'm "totally emberassing", but one day she will look back and think I was cool... HOPEFULLY?!?!

  4. Lucky Emma having a mom like you!!!