Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deep thoughts by Amy/Flo

I'm not gonna lie, I've thought about scanning my own bum at the self-checkout things at the grocery store. Only thing stopping me is that Emma is usually with me and I figure I shouldn't set a bad

I think that they should make more foods readily available on a stick. With things so hectic and busy lately, I think life would be so much easier if I could just hand Emma a chicken on a stick and asparagus on a stick dinner. I would not have to choose between using lunch time to actually eat...or to shower. I could eat my lunch on a stick while driving her back to school.

I find myself having to hold my own hand back while standing in line at a place that has an intercom...I would love to just grab it and start saying random thoughts to the people in the store.

I think that more things should be covered in bubble wrap. Not specifically for safety reasons....mainly just because it's fun to pop it. It's a little burst of stress relief and it's fun.

I don't really understand why dandelions are considered weeds. I personally think they are pretty...nice and bright and yellow...when there are a million of them scattered across a field, I think it looks pretty...makes me think of whats her face from Little House on the Prairie running through the fields.

I love fruit that comes in it's own wrapping. Bananas for can grab one and go...they are protected in their own wrapper...they are fun to peel...they taste can pretend you are a monkey while eating it...good stuff.

I will never understand the reason for making your bed. You are just going to get back in it later on that night. As long as your bed is not in the kitchen or living room where visitors could come over and see it, what is really the point of making it?

No matter how much I vaccuum...there still seems to always be cat hair around.

Every time I decide to clean the bathroom sink, my husband will most certainly decided to make that day the day that he will shave...leaving tiny little hairs all over the place...grrrr

Getting 4 hours of sleep a night for the past two nights is hard. It's making me even more whacky than (then?) I already am.

I've learned that I will truly do absolutely anything for my daughter.

I've learned that being a Mom to a diabetic child takes a special kind of patience and strength. We are fighters. We are unique. We are kind-hearted. We care for others on a much deeper level than most people. We understand what it honestly means to support someone in need.

Since beginning this journey down the path of pumping, I have learned that I can ALWAYS count on the strength and support of you all. More so than most of my own family. We are all connected on a level that no one could really comprehend unless they were living it as well. You all are amazing to me. You all are my heroes. Our children are my heroes. (am i spelling heroes right? is it heroes? or heros? lolol)
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. I promise to pay it forward to the next Mom or Dad in line waiting to start their journey down this same path.


  1. ...since you asked, it's 'than' and 'heroes' ;)

    I, too, have wanted to grab the intercom...just seems like so much fun to be able to say 'attention shoppers' and just go on with a bunch of foolishness!

    I am loving your sleep-deprived posts...not that you aren't generally really funny, but now you're kinda delusional, too and I love it!! ;)

    big hugs!!!

  2. Lunch-on-a-stick would be frickin' awesome! Even better if you could eat it IN the shower. Right? lol

    I would sometimes like to use the intercom to call an associate because something is not where it should be- er - where I NEED it to be.

    Bubble wrap annoys me. I doodle for stress release. Yep. Doodle.

    I like bananas. I break it into thirds in an unusual way, kinda like a pie chart, when I eat it. :)

    I don't make beds.

    I gave my dog away in February and still sweep her hair up. Eww.

    I have a husband and 2 little boys that use the bathroom... I ain't goin' there. lol

    You are a terrific mom.

    I can't ever remember if it's heros or heroes, Legos or Legoes, tornados or tornadoes. If you don't use it, you lose it.

    P.S. I. Am. Tired. ;-)

  3. This was such a fun post to read! I heart Flo!

    Lunch on a stick - love it! How awesome would it be to get something other than a corn dog on a stick?!

    I never make beds unless company is coming over or I'm putting on clean sheets.

    I have to echo Trish, who also made me laugh, because, I,too, live with a husband and two little boys. The bathroom...ugh...let's just say I'd take a dirty sink any day. ;)

  4. You are funny!!

    Amen to the bed... whats the point?

    And I dare you to grab a bananna and go all monkey while you scan your bum in the checkout line :) I think I would wet my pants :}

  5. The "delusional" posts are really entertaining...and some very good food for thought was uncovered here. you. We would not let you flounder with the pump unsupported. Please feel free to message via email/fb/and/or phone...we are here for you. You are right, only those living this could truly understand. That is why I just started babbling into my computer. xoxo

  6. I knew there was a reason I liked you!
    Right there with you on most of these. The bed? seriously! what a waste!
    We have a field of dandelions in our backyard, last year it was really pretty all green and yellow....I have since tried to get rid of them with no such luck. My hubs does lunch on a stick for our kids often....they LOVE it. And Trish and Heidi....I have THREE boys and a husband. I won't even step foot in their bathroom!