Monday, November 1, 2010

My little creature and her 3 choices

So this week Emma is "Creature of the Week" at school. Apparantly each week one student gets to have this honor because they have displayed some sort of good behaviour...sharing, being a good friend, etc. I am so proud of my little "creature"! This morning I had to send in 12 pictures of Emma and she had to choose 3 items that she wanted to bring in and talk about. I was very curious to see what she would choose to bring in. The first item was very easy for her to pick...she brought her Stitch doll in that she got from Disney World when she was 4 and we went there with my Mom. The second item she chose was the wrist band she wore in the hospital when she was born. She couldn't get over how tiny it was and how it only fit around a couple of her fingers now! Time sure does fly by and she sure is growing up fast. I wish I could slow it down just a little bit. The last item she chose to bring in was a little bit of a struggle...she went back and forth between a couple of things. This was a very important decision for her and she wanted to make sure she picked the right one! It crossed my mind to suggest to her something that had to do with diabetes...but I didn't. I wanted to see if she would choose something along those lines on her own. I wanted to see how much value she put on her much she thought it was a part of her and how important she felt it was to talk about. Turns out that diabetes is about the last thing on her list of important things in her life....that made me happy. It made me ecstatic actually to know that all of my worry about what she thinks of diabetes and how she perceives herself compared to her friends...and how much importance she puts on being diabetic..and how much she feels that it is a part of her life and who she is deep down....was all for nothing. I guess I worry about all of that enough for the both of us combined.
Anyway, the last item came down to either a framed picture of her Grandma who passed away before Emma was born.....or a magic book that she got from the magic store during the summer. I thought for sure she would choose the magic book because it is fun and cool and she would love to show her friends how it works. I was wrong though...Emma chose the picture of her Grandma. She said that she wanted to show her friends at school how pretty her Grandma was and tell them that is where she got her middle name from (Emma Beverly Ermel) ...and tell them that she never got to meet her because she died...but she is an angel now and she watches over her all the time...except when it lightening and thunders out...because then Grandma Bev is bowling with all of the other angels. I thought my heart was going to break when she said that....what in the world did i ever do to deserve such a sweet, thoughtful, and caring little girl? I wish there was a word out there to describe how much i actually love her.


  1. Dear Amy,
    Reading your blog today made my heart swell. Emma is what I call an "old soul",a child that is wise in the ways of life. She is filled with wisdom, grace, and deep love. And you, my sweet young woman are such a huge part of her. Children are our teachers. Emma's beautiful loving spirit is something to behold and she is teaching you about yoursef as well.

  2. thank you so much Donna!! You are too kind..:o) Emma definitely an old soul and I am lucky to have her. You are so right too...I learn so much from her and I feel so lucky to get to be her mom. She is my hero for sure.