Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's be buddies, mmkay?

So, Emma is home sick from school today with a sore throat and cough. We took her to the doctor and she said it's just a virus and we should do the usual liquids, rest, tylenol routine. I hope that she is better in time for her Hot Chocolate Sale this Saturday. Anyway, it got me thinking about some things regarding diabetes though. I wonder how many things during the day actually get me thinking about diabetes to be honest. I should really pay attention one day and see how many times diabetes actually pops into my little brain.
In any case, this particular time it got me thinking about how greatful I am for one thing diabetes does FOR me instead of against me. I love how I can see an illness coming on with Emma a couple of days before she even shows any physical symptoms of it. For example this time, Emma's blood sugars have been running on the high side for the past couple of days. There was really no other reason or explanation why they would be that high...so I knew...I just knew something was coming. It's kind of nice to be able to have that little warning ahead of time so I can somewhat prepare myself for it. It's frustrating at the time I suppose...trying to keep those numbers down and in range. But I really do appreciate the fact that diabetes is helping me out that way! I guess it's not a full blown jerk face all of the time. It's an every day struggle sometimes to not let it get to me...to not let diabetes get me down...to not let it win. On days like today though, I really am thankful that I have it around. I never thought I would say that really. Don't get me wrong...I would still MUCH rather NOT have Emma have diabetes....but that doesn't take away the fact that i appreciate the few things that diabetes does do for me that are good. It's nice to be buddies just for this moment in time diabetes...thanks

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  1. I was thinking the same thing yesterday when all three of my boys ended up getting sick. I knew it was coming because my T1 was in the 300s most of the day before and it took ALOT of insulin to bring it down. Well we know our kiddos won't be able to FAKE an illness to get out of things ;-)
    Hope your daughter feels better soon.