Friday, November 19, 2010

my loopy befuddled brain

Sometimes I think diabetes is mocking me...
Everything is going along nice and smooth and easy...and then out of no where..BLAMO! Let's throw a low or high blood sugar in there. Just for fun...just for shits and giggles to see how she will handle it this time. Let's see how well she can function with only 5 hours sleep a night every night for 10 days straight. Let's see how good of a mom she can be then. See how she can walk around and take care of her family and herself with that little sleep. HAHA! Good times. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my marbles because of diabetes. It takes and takes and takes with no break. If diabetes had a would be next to the word "relentless" in the dictionary. I get so tired that i start to laugh at the dumbest things...I sit there laughing away at the cat sitting on the living room carpet playing with a straw. I know in my head that it's really not that hysterical...but I am so freakin tired that it's like I can't stop laughing. Usually in our house, because my husband works and I am a stay at home mom...i am the one who gets up with Emma and handles the majority of the diabetes related tasks. However, on the weekends when my husband isn't working...I will sleep in and he will get up with Emma and do breakfast needles and everything. I LIVE for those days. It's like I get to catch up on sleep and fill up my reserve tanks of energy just so I am able to make it through the following week. Well, sometimes my husband does have to work weekends I miss out on those wonderful "sleep-ins". This weekend is going to be one of those times. When my husband told me he had to work Saturday AND Sunday this weekend I felt like crying. I immediately counted the days in my head until the next weekend when I hopefully will be able to sleep in again. 7 more days of not getting to sleep long as he doesn't have to work next weekend too. That will be 12 days total in a row of not getting to sleep in...not getting more than 5 hours sleep in a row each night...I hope I have enough energy left in my reserves...stupid diabetes. Some people take naps that are as long as I get to sleep at night. Diabetes, I wish you would just be my friend already and we could be buddies and get along and figure out some sort of compromise. You let me sleep for a continuous 8 hours with no crazy blood sugars...and i let you make me figure out some crazy insulin to carb ratio involving pizza, ice cream, and pasta. Deal...or no deal? cause i'm not gonna phone the banker to get your final offer...i will just get Howie Mandel to kick your ass


  1. I hear ya... Fred does mornings on the weekends and it is wonderful! Of course I don't get to sleep in as much with the new baby, but it's still a nice break.

    Tell Howie to punch diabetes in the groin for me, okay?