Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Easy fixes

This past Monday Emma went to school with a lot of extra things in her backpack...making it heavier than normal...and she wound up pulling a muscle in her neck. Poor thing! It got me thinking though...there have really only been about 3 times in her life that she has been injured and it had absolutely nothing to do with diabetes. I think it is kind of funny how weird it is for me to deal with a regular old injury. I am so used to everything having to do with diabetes or diabetes affecting some sort of problem or illness with her. I know it may seem weird to say this...but it sort of feels like somewhat of a relief when something happens to her and it doesn't have to do with diabetes! It's like I get to see how the other half lives for a little bit...i get to see what a parent of a non-diabetic child deals with. It's an odd feeling! My brain has rewired itself I think to just always be on red alert for any and all diabetes related occurances. So when something I would consider "simple" to a certain extent happens...i feel like yea i can totally handle this...this is EASY! I would take all the pulled muscles and broken bones and cuts and bruises and scrapes over diabetes anyday. I know that won't happen. It is nice though to just have something "easy" thrown into the mix every once and a while. It makes me feel like I know what I am doing. Like I can handle this and i can to a certain extent just "kiss it and make it all better" like a Mommy is supposed to be able to do. That is a nice feeling. Makes me feel like a good Mom.

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