Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween...Batgirl saves the world!

This weekend is definitely going to be a busy one for us, but I am looking forward to it! Emma got to wear her Halloween costume to school today and they will all be celebrating and playing games and making crafts all day. Tomorrow she has her piano lesson and a Halloween birthday party for her friend..and then of course Sunday is the big day for trick or treating! I remember back to our first trick or treating with diabetes. I was so nervous that she would go low and something bad would happen while we were out walking around to the houses. I kept having these visions in my head of Emma dropping so low and having a seizure in the middle of the street with all of these kids dressed up in their costumes surrounding her. Me freaking out and panicking trying to give her glucagon and the whole deal...UGH! Needless to say, like usual I let my imagination run wild and absolutely nothing like that happened. She was a bit low...but that was it. At that point I decided that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday for diabetes! If she is low, just send her up to the next house to say trick or treat and there ya go! Eat whatever you get right away and you're set! It is the only day of the year where I DON'T have to worry about bringing along something for her to eat or drink if she's's awesome...i love it! Well, last year she was the complete opposite...high blood sugars the whole time we were out there. Nothing like giving a correction needle while standing in some random persons driveway in the dark! Ahh the things we do to deal with the annoyance of diabetes! So, I am curious to see what will happen this Halloween...will she be high? will she be low? or will we stay right in the middle and have perfect numbers? I think the last option will's just the law of averages or makes sense! Anyway, I also wanted to point out that I am greatful for so many things today. I am so greatful that my daughter is healthy enough to go trick or treating. I'm greatful that she is healthy enough to enjoy one of the most special and memorable days of childhood. She's not stuck in some hospital somewhere...she's not sick in bed...she's just another 6 year old kid who is SO excited to enjoy Halloween that she can barely contain herself. Yes she may have one would ever know it by just looking at her...but that doesn't matter! When she walks up to that door and rings the bell and yells TRICK OR TREAT!...she is just like all of the other kids out there. No one will know she is one will comment on how she can't eat the candy because she is one will treat her any differently than any of the other kids. For just this one day...she is exactly like everyone else! Actually...correct that...she is BATGIRL....the awesome superhero out to save the world one house at a time and maybe eat some peanut butter cups along the way...:o) Saving the world is a tough job though! She deserves it and I am so excited and happy for her to have this day. This is one more important part of just BEING A KID that can't be taken from us....and for that, i am forever greatful.

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