Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ode to Diabetes

Ode to diabetes...

you make me think and worry non-stop
of blood sugar numbers that might drop.
i'd like to sleep all night through
instead of thinking about you.
So many needles and finger pokes,
sometimes i wonder if this is some cruel joke?
you make me mad and drive me nuts
i'd like to kick you in the butt.
you give me gray hairs and sleepless nights
i wanna tell you to go fly a kite!
at times you seem larger than us,
I wish you would get hit by a bus!
go away we don't want you here
we're tired of living in this fear.
i suck at rhyming so i am done
i hate you diabetes...you're no fun!

lolol...that was really cheesy...but i am super tired and have nothing else to say. sorry! i do love my weekday mornings to myself though. it's nice to have some free time to do whatever i want...even if it means writing stupid poems like i just did...lol.