Monday, October 18, 2010

Life balance and Betty White

This morning as Emma was eating breakfast, I gave her her lantus needle. When I was done, I stood up to walk back in the kitchen and put everything away...and Emma said to me "Nice doing business with you mommy!" lololol....I love the sense of humor on her. Other times when I give her a needle, she will act like she is a robot and I am powering her back up again. She is an awesome kid and quite possibly the funniest person I know. I am a firm believer in the world of balance. I am so beyond greatful that my daughter is as smart and as funny as she is. She is a truly kind hearted kid and is very compassionate and thoughtful of others feelings. Diabetes is a part of her...but it does not define her. That is a hard thing to teach someone. I try to look at things from her perspective some times. How does she see herself? She hears about diabetes and all things related to it every single day from the minute she wakes up and comes downstairs for the minute she falls asleep at night. Does she really know how serious it can be? Does she know that she could die from it? I know it isn't the ONLY thing we talk about all day...but it sure comes up pretty often. I wonder if she knows that it doesn't define her...she isn't just the "Emma with diabetes." I am never sure of how to really balance out the amount of diabetes knowledge i should be giving her...on one hand i want to just do it all for her all the time because i want her to just be a kid and not think of it at all. On the other hand, i want her to know as much as she can so she will be that much more capable of taking care of herself when she is older. I don't want her to get burnt out with it at a young age and then run in to problems of her not checking blood sugars or giving needles because she just is sick of it and doesn't want to do it. It's a fine line to walk...and a hard balance to find. Sometimes I wish there was a manual to tell me what I should be doing. "The Complete Guide to Raising Emma". I would totally buy that one. I might even get the books on tape for it. Audiobook "The Complete Guide to Raising Emma" as read by Betty White.  Do they even make audiotapes anymore? Anyway, life with diabetes is funny...and I'm glad that for now Emma and I have a good "business" relationship

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