Tuesday, October 19, 2010

just give the cat a juicebox

For some reason it seems like this month there are so many things that need to be done and/or paid for. New winter coat and snowpants because a certain little girl is growing too quickly and I can't keep up. New winter hat and mits cause we all know that they just get up and walk away when no one is looking so you wind up with random mismatched sets of mits. I wonder if they meet up with that illusive sock that disappears from the dryer sometimes. I bet they do...I bet there is some club somewhere for lone mits and lone socks to meet up and mingle and laugh at how they have foiled us all once again! Anyway, I seem to have gotten off topic rather quickly here...must need another cup of coffee. So, including having to get all new winter gear for Emma...we also have school trips to pay for, birthday presents to buy for friend's birthday parties, piano lessons, and the cat needs to go in for her annual needles. I know I shouldn't be complaining because everyone has expenses...it's one of the more joyous parts of life. Well, I was telling Emma about all of this on the way to school this morning because she is famous for always wanting me to buy her a treat or a "little somethin somethin" from the store while she is at school. I had to chuckle because her solution to avoiding the expense of the cat's needles was to just give Daisy (the cat) one of Emma's needles of insulin! Nice...i think she believes that ANY needle that anyone ever gets is an insulin needle. lolol! I then had to explain that no...that is not the case and no i couldn't give Daisy insulin because she's not diabetic and that needle would make her blood sugar drop and she could die. I couldn't very well force the cat to drink a juicebox to bring her blood sugar back up again! So, Emma said that I should just make her eat of bunch of her cat food to bring it back up....I had to explain that I didn't know how many carbs were in cat food...so i wouldn't know how much to give her and for that matter I wouldn't know how to force her to eat it at that! Emma suggested that I phone Nicole, our dietician to ask her how many carbs are in cat food....lolol. Ahh...i hope I never forget all of the random discussions Emma and I have about such odd things at such odd times! I hope when i am old and gray I will remember days like these so I can sit down in my rocker with my mismatched socks on and tell my grandkids about how nutty their mom was when she was little.
On a side note I just want to mention that we got our cat Daisy a couple of days after Emma was diagnosed with diabetes. Daisy is in fact a boy cat. Emma wanted for it to be a girl cat, so she decided to declare it to be...just because she said so. She named it Daisy. We got it neutered at the appropriate time...which was slightly odd/funny filling out the paperwork at the vet having to say that it's a boy cat named Daisy! In any case...when we brought Daisy home after her (his?) surgery, Emma told us that Daisy was now "officially a girl because she got her wagon fixed at the doctor!" lolol...ahhh good thing the vet knew how to "fix her wagon." I think my cat needs therapy for identity confusion...

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