Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flo is baaaccckkk!

Please sing the following line in your head to the tine of that ridiculous backstreet boys song that goes, "Backstreets Back Allllriigghht!"

Flo is back ALRIGHHHTT! Yes, I think it has been far too long since I have let Flo take over the keyboard and post her thoughts in blog form. It's been a hectic diabetes day to say the least...and I am relying on Flo at the moment to keep me from slipping over the edge into panic mode. My lovely husband got up with Emma this morning and they let me sleep in until 11:00am....that's right...11:00am!!! Emma had a birthday party to go to at 4:00 for another little girl who is diabetic. There was a bouncy castle WITH a slide, it was pretty hot out, a BBQ for dinner, cupcakes, a swingset, and 16 kids were in attendance. My pancreating skills got a work out today to say the least. we go...

Have you ever been sitting at a stop light in your car with the window down and the car next to you also has their window down and you feel an overwhelming urge to high five the person sitting in the passenger seat? Yep...I have...and I did today

Have you ever wanted to go into a McDonald's and order a Whopper?

Have you ever wanted to make the annoying 16 year old gum chewing checkout girl at the grocery store pack each individual item you purchase in seperate bags just because she called you "ma'am?"

Have you ever passed by someone in Walmart and noticed a pump sticking out of their pocket and felt the need to start up a conversation with them? Yep...did that one today!

Have you ever lost your mind and given a correction bolus for a slightly elevated blood sugar at bedtime even though you had a very hectic chaotic afternoon? Yep...did that tonight...I'm an idiot!

Have you ever seen two elderly people walking down the sidewalk holding hands and had to stop and watch them and say "awwww! that is adorable!" to whomever you are with? Yep..did that one a couple days ago!

Have you ever wondered why a cat freaks out every single time you play with one of the laser pointer toys? It's like really? still haven't figured out where that little red dot is coming from? LOL

Well, I'm off to go be a pancreas again and make sure Emma isn't low because of my stupid mistake. I think my body just doesn't know how to function with all of this sleep or something! It's such an odd thing for it I am sure! That's all I got...Flo...OUT!


  1. The "16 year old gum chewing checkout girl" one cracked me up!!!

    I need a nickname for my friend that writes that nutty stuff on my blog... any suggestions?

  2. I got some "FLO" right know the "real FLO." It ain't purdy.

    And for Lora...hmmmmm...."Mabel"

  3. Flo, Flo, I LOVE Flo!! :)

    Also love those days when sleep lasts til 11...I get them every once in a while and LOVE them!!

  4. lol flo is a smooth operator!