Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Today was definitely not a good diabetes day. I think I jinxed it really. For the past couple of weeks Emma's blood sugar numbers have been amazing...we are talking near perfect day after day after lovely day. So, I decided to share in our happiness and post something about the good numbers on my Facebook page. I should have kept my big mouth shut. Today was one of those days where I had to wear my "detective" hat all freakin day long. Emma's numbers were ridiculously high for no apparant reason. I kept correcting and correcting and it got to the point where I felt like I was just putting water in her body instead of the insulin she so badly needed. We did some running around in the morning and just around lunchtime we decided to stop at the mall and wander around for a bit and then grab a bite to eat. We checked out the pet store and had a few giggles at the most adorable little puppies who were playing with each other...wrestling about, tails wagging like crazy, floppy big paws slipping and sliding all over as they tried to catch their footing and pin the other one down on it's back. We ooh'd and ahh'd and aww'd over a couple of tiny fluffy little kittens who were meowing and pawing at us. We moved on to the same exact store that we had been in a few months ago where Emma had a pretty awful low. She was so low that she was gripping her juicebox with shaking hands while we sat on the floor together and not a single person (employee or patron) bothered to ask if we were ok. It was an odd thing to be back in that store. It got me thinking about how stressful moments seem to get etched into my brain forever. I could probably drive all around town and point out certain locations and recall exactly what Emma's blood sugar was at when we were there. There was the park downtown where she was at 2.3 one time from running around like a maniac all afternoon. There was the bread aisle of the grocery store where she was 2.9 for no apparant reason at all. There was the parking lot of the book store where she was 2.1 before we even got out of the car to go check out some books. If I sit here and think about it, I'm sure I could come up with a lot more examples. Diabetes really is a weird lifestyle. It's like it sometimes forces me to carry around this polaroid camera in my mind and take snap shots of stressful scary times. I would just as soon forget those times. They were horrible and if I had the choice, I would rather just forget they even happened I think. I know for the most part those experiences did teach me a lesson and probably did help me prevent future similar problems (or at least attempt to prevent them!)...but I still wish I could just crumple up those photos and forget about them.
In any case, we wandered the mall, looked at sparkly jewelry, bought Emma a little globe keychain from one of those girlie stores like Claire's Boutique, looked at pretty clothes, ate some lunch at the food court and commented on how odd it was that it was so LOUD in there seeing as how everyone should have actually been eating or had their mouths full of their own lunches, we smelled lovely smelling candles, perfumes, and lotions, and we battled high BG's....all day long.
My detective skills came up with nothing. I was at a I was left with my only remaining option...change her site. So, I did...and so far so good. I hope the night brings decent numbers. I hope tomorrow truly turns out to be a "new" day and diabetes plays nice again.


  1. Ugh, the highs...I just saw your comment on my blog. :) At least her level got better once you changed the site! And it sounds like you had a fun day, despite the numbers, which is always a WIN.

  2. Must be in the air...Bean's been high all day, too. Increased basals, extra corrections, and a pod change (it was time) haven't helped at all. Hoping the new pod will 'kick in' and her numbers will settle down overnight.
    It would be really nice to erase some of those moments, for sure!
    Hang in there!! HUGS!

  3. the analogy. I hope things have returned and stayed "normal" (using the term loosely) for you guys. xo