Thursday, July 21, 2011

All about Amy

Thought I would join in the fun...I love reading these and learning more about all of you!

Age: 34....sheesh...i can't believe it!

Bed size: queen...although I really need a king cause my husband is a sheet metal worker and along with his snoring like a freight train, he also feels the need to do sheet metal work type motions with his arms while told me to go get the tow motor once and wouldn't stop telling me to get it until I actually responded...yea...crazy sleeper!

Chore you dislikehands down without a doubt...the dishes!

Dogs: I grew up always having dogs, but now we have a cat...a boy cat...that Emma declared to be a girl...and it's name is Daisy.

Essential start to your day: Coffee and cinammon toast...and more coffee...and Emma's smiling face

Favorite color: Green. I always go for the forest green crayon in the box of crayolas first.

Gold or silver: Silver I suppose...not really a big jewelry girl

Height: 5'2"...good things come in small packages though! Emma likes to laugh at me when I have to scale the shelfs in the grocery store though to reach something on top. Seriously, who do those stockboys think shops there...giants??

Instruments you play(ed): umm...I'm so not musically talented...I do rock a mean air guitar though, and i LOVE singing even though I am so very not good at

Job title: Mommy/pancreas

Kids: just my Emma

Live: Ontario Canada...I was born and raised in Wisconsin (still a cheesehead at heart!)...lived in South Dakota for a wee bit of time...also lived in Oregon (I miss it there terribly...made some of the greatest friends of my life there)

Mom’s name: Sharon

Nicknames: Aim, Aimers, Smiley, Hun, Mooooooommmmmmmy!!!
Overnight hospital stays: 2 times...once was when I had Emma and the other was when she was admitted for a stomach virus last year...i hate hospital beds

Pet Peeves: long lines, unexplainable bad BG numbers, telemarketers, and when my husband shaves and leaves all those little hairs in the sink...UGH

Quote from a movie: I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Siblings: one brother...3 years older..always wanted a sister, but am lucky enough now to have a couple friends that I consider sisters :o)

Time you wake up: whenever Emma shouts at me "MOOOMMMY CAN WE GO DOWNSTAIRS NOW?" from her

Underwear: currently? zebra striped

Vegetables you don’t like: cabbage...and artichokes...anything with the word choke in it can not be tasty

What makes you run late: doesn't matter what time i leave to go somewhere...i am always late. I hate that about myself

X-Rays you’ve had: both ankles (sprained them on seperate occasions when i was younger and in gymnastics), wrist (another gymnastics injury), and foot (I dropped a rolling pin on it last year and thought it was i'm a bit of a klutz!)

Yummy food you make: I make a mean spaghetti and meatballs, a delish clementine salad, and thats about the extent of it
Zoo animal favorite: monkeys and sea lions or sea otters...whichever ones are the cute ones with whiskers that like to play and swim and go down the rock slide


  1. Where in OR did you live?! I think you should come for a visit! (Kind of partial to OR since I live here and all.) Every time I read your posts, I can see how much you love your daughter and you seem like such a great Mom and an awesome person! Seriously warms my heart (cheeeeesy, I know).

  2. I have never given the word "choke" and veggies any thought before Amy. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. That is kinda funny...and...Zebra Striped panties!!! YOU.GO.GIRL!

  3. Bahahaha... air guitar!

    And I love the movie quote. One of my favourites!

  4. I have a similar alarm clock most days! Why am I up when they are sleeping?!?! ;)
    Thanks for sharing, Smiley!!
    Oh, and I totally pegged you for a zebra striped undies gal!! ;) HA!

  5. Zebra huh?!?! Zebra is my fave pattern. :)
    I TRY to sing too.

  6. love this!
    my hubs is a crazy sleeper too!
    where in Oregon did you live?