Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am here with you

haven't written any poetry for a long time...couldn't arrange the words today to form a decent normal blog post because I'm upset at hearing of yet another child lost to i took a crack at poetry again...not the greatest...but it helped my heart a tiny bit.

There is a light that's always on
faintly softly whispering
You are not alone
I am here with you
From across the miles
and around the globe
I am here with you
I am standing at your side
My arm around your trembling shoulder
Holding you up when your strength is gone
Calming your shaking hand
Drying your waterfall of tears
Easing your pain in the only way I know how
through comfort
and understanding
I am here with you
I am standing at your side
I will listen
I will feel my own heart breaking from your pain and worry
The panic gripping so tight
Wondering how it is possible to ever go on
Keep on
I will leave the light on
For when you need me
I am here with you
I am standing at your side


  1. Thanks for sharing Ames!! Beautifully written, you are talented my friend ;)

  2. Simply beautiful.
    Lots of lights on around the world, sharing support whenever it's needed. So glad you are sharing your light!

  3. thanks Amy lovely words that are needed at the moment