Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bolusing in the weirdest places

In the beginning of this new life of ours, I was always baffled at the enormous amount of variables that affect blood sugars. I was overwhelmed at the multitude of various situations that can come up that required thinking outside of the box and learning how to make it work with diabetes. I sit here right now and think back to all of the crazy things we have LIVED through in the past 3 years...and all of the crazy things I have been strong-armed by the big D into figuring out and adjusting and managing to the best of my ability. I have LIVED through a 6 hour plane delay and being stuck in the Toronto airport with a 5 year old diabetic. I have LIVED through hundreds of 2 hour long gymnastics classes...some on insulin pens and the wicked (in our experience anyway) Lantus, some on the Animas Ping. I have LIVED through a load of birthday parties including swimming, indoor playgrounds, Chuck E Cheese, bowling, and laser tag. I have LIVED through illnesses that have brought my poor exhausted mind to the brink of insanity in trying to manage the juggling act with a feather and chainsaw combo of ketones, low blood sugars, and stomach viruses resulting in NO appetite. I have LIVED through trick or treating, Christmas mornings, Easter egg hunts, and Canada Day fireworks. I have LIVED through making the transition from needles to pump while at school...including a week straight of walking to and from the school 5 times a day to drop off at school, bolus for morning snack, bolus for lunch, bolus for afternoon snack, and pick up at school. I have LIVED through bolusing her in parks, movie theatres, Chinese buffet restaurants, and JDRF Walks.
I was actually starting to believe though that I had pretty much done it all and seen it all. I had LIVED through it all. EMMA had LIVED through it all. I had made countless mistakes along the way...but I learned from them...and she is still here with me asleep up in her bed. I sit here with the baby/diabetes monitor next to me listening to her breathing as I type away.
As that one song goes though, "I shoulda known better..." (what song is that anyway? I can hear it in my head now, but I can't remember the name? I may have to google this...) My husband actually had off of work today, so we all went to the carnival. This wasn't our first carnival post diabetes. We have been to quite a few I had some idea of how things would play out. I would essentially be chasing highs the whole time we were there...which came true...surprise surprise! I guess next time I should just pull up my big girl panties and set a temp basal for the day. Anyhoo...Emma spotted the ferris wheel right off the bat and decided that is where we were headed first. We waited in line and when it was our turn to climb aboard she hopped right up and sat down with a big grin on her face. We inched our way up to the top one cart at a time so the guy running the ride could load up the next carts in front of us. I happened to glance over at Emma and she looked a little TOO sweaty to me and a little TOO I whipped out our little froggie bag-o-fun and got her meter out and checked her BG. She was high...again surprise I had yet another "first time" experience....high atop the ferris wheel in the bright afternoon sun and heat...looking down at the people below us and the horizon far out ahead of us...I bolused my daughter...weird...I never thought I would be able to say that THAT particular situation would arise and I would have to do that. Weird. So, apparently I can now add one more notch to my belt of crazy diabetes related "first time" experiences...I now know I can bolus her on top of the ferris wheel no problem.
This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post....I just wanted to share it cause it makes me giggle...Emma has been wearing these glasses all the time lately. She took an old pair of sunglasses and popped the lenses out so she can wear pretend glasses and look cool.


  1. On top of a ferris wheel... I haven't had to do that YET. I love her new look :)

  2. She is ADORABLE...and I haven't done that one yet either. Kinda cool!!!

  3. Loving the glasses! So stinkin cute!
    Have been trying to think of somewhere weird Bean has bolused and nothing comes to mind that could compare to the top of a ferris wheel. And since Bean doesn't 'do' heights, the possibility of us joining that club! :)