Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lazy days of summer?? ya right

So I was sincerely hoping that once school was out that our lives would sort of calm down a bit and we would have more time to relax and just do nothing for once....yea...I should've known better! It's been a madhouse lately and I suppose I really only have myself to blame. Oh well, I suppose there will come a day when I will be an old blue haired woman sitting on the couch wishing for something to keep me occupied and busy. Something other than watching "my stories" on TV and playing Yep, I am totally stereo-typing! I hope I'm not an old blue-haired woman like that. I would like to think that I will have some pizazz and spunk still left in my old bones at that point. I plan on still wearing tank tops and tattoos on my legs (well, I guess those aren't really an option anymore to NOT have's ok though, I like them and Emma told me she thinks it will be funny for her kids to have a Grandma with tattoos) I plan on still acting like I do store dancing and singing self (remind me to share the story of when I embarassed Emma in the pharmacy by singing and full on rocking out to "Don't Stop Believin" while waiting in line for some pump supplies...good times).
Anyhoo, back to the topic at hand. School got out on Friday and from the moment Emma bolted with her friends from the school doors screaming at the top of their lungs "FREEDOM!", I knew that chaos was about to ensue. We did the usual play on the playground, take some pics of friends, and walk home thing. Then after supper we played at the new park down the street from our house....awesome place. Emma had a blast...I took some pics like this one
and we proceeded to walk home. My favorite thing about this park is that there is a HUGE open field with freshly laid grass (sod? I still don't get the differece between those two things...why is it sometimes called sod?). Emma and I slip our flip flops off and walk home through the nice soft brand spanking new grass/sod. It's heavenly on my poor tired feet and I swear if she would let me, I would stand there all's become my new happy place. Soft, cool, pillow like clouds of grass under my's like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders and I am just floating there on these overwhelmingly comforting green clouds. Ahh...
So, then yesterday Emma and I decided to go to Bacon Fest 2011! My kid is a bacon fanatic for sure. She loves it. Anytime I ask her what she wants for dinner, lunch, or breakfast...the answer is always a resounding and emphatic, "BACON!" We made our way down there after lunch and arrived about an hour and a half later to the smells of Emma's heaven on Earth...bacon. A fun time was definitely had by all. We ate bbq bacon sandwiches, sweet bacon, spicy bacon, cupcakes with bacon sprinkles (a little odd tasting...but not as gross as I thought it would be!), and even bought a tin of bacon flavored toothpicks which I couldn't resist taking a pic of

Before leaving, Emma had to visit the little petting zoo they had set up and spent quite a long time chatting it up with a turkey...hilarious. We both agreed that it was a good idea for the petting zoo people to NOT include a piggy in the menagerie of pets to be petted...that would have just been poor taste.
Now on to today...we left after lunch to go visit some family up at their trailer for the day. It was hot...with a capital H, but we had a blast. Emma went swimming in the lake, we at bbq steak for supper, the kiddos played at the park. It was a great day all around.
As I sit here reflecting on the weekend that is still going on....I am greatful. I'm greatful that we are healthy, that we have family that loves us, that we are able to get together, and that it is summer time finally. Most of all, I am greatful that Emma is on a pump now...our eating schedules were off totally for the past two days...and she has stayed consistantly at a 7 or 8 (126 or 144)'s wonderful. We have had the odd semi-low...high 3's and low 4's...but nothing that a little juice won't fix. I am truly greatful for this little device. I wish I could kiss the person who invented it. I am so greatful.

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  1. I am suddenly grateful for Baconfest. Damn, Canada has all the good stuff. I love Canadian bacon especially. This was a nice post. It was even relaxing just to read about your happy place.