Monday, August 1, 2011

A Summer Night Storm

I must be in a poetic mood lately.....don't know if that's good or

I love the sound of rain falling on the rooftops
blowing against the window panes
Pouring down upon my shoulders
Washing away the stress
I love the sound of thunder off in the distance
Deep rumbling
Shaking the earth
Breaking up the deafening silence
I love to watch the lightening flash across the sky
Pressing my face up to the window feeling like I did when I was 5
Flashbulbs pop capturing of the world below
I love a summer storm at night
Clearing away my worried thoughts
My fears
My anger
My exhaustion
Lifting the enormous weight from my mind
To leave behind a fresh new perspective


  1. ohh Amy this is gorgeous!
    I particularly like the image of lightening as a camera, that's fantastic.
    also, the phrase "deafening silence" gave me chills.
    you are so talented.

  2. As strange as it might sound, I miss summer thunder storms. We don't get them where I am in AK, but I grew up in GA where we got them all the time.
    This took me back to a place I needed to go.
    Thanks! :)

  3. amen to the fresh new perspective~!!!

  4. Rain reminds me of sleep and I love me some sleep on a rainy day :)