Thursday, August 11, 2011

Squeezing in the fun

Well, there are a little less than 4 weeks of summer vacation left for Emma and I have just started to feel that feeling I usually get...the nostalgia, the worry, the sadness at having to send her off to school again to send the majority of her days with someone else. Don't get me wrong, I get over it pretty quick and really start to enjoy my peaceful quiet days when she is there...but I do miss her. This time of year I find myself trying to squeeze in as much fun family time as possible before it is back to the grind again. I know it's probably ridiculous and most likely fueled by my own version of seperation anxiety that I go through the first couple of days of school, but I can't help it...I like spending time with her...she's hilarious, she's always coming up with goofball ideas of things to do or play, and I like that I can keep a close eye on her BG's all day. In any case, I know this feeling will pass and all will be back to our version of normal once school is back in session.
Anyway, to go along with our theme of squeezing in the family fun time, Emma and I decided to go to the park today. The weather was a little wacky, but we decided to chance it anyway. I brought a sweater along and I swear that everytime I put it on, the sun came out and was beating down on us...and once I took the sweater off, the rain started and the wind picked up as the sun disappeared behind the clouds....Mother Nature was not my BFF today at all.
Well, we went down giant twisty slides, climbed on the monkey bars, swung (swang? LOL) on the swings, and Emma even came up with some obstacle courses to follow so we could play our own version of that TV show "Wipeout." Have any of you ever seen it? Emma LOVES it! So, while she was climbing up the ladder for one of her Wipeout paths, she shouted to me that an old woman had fallen off the slide and was just lying there on the ground! I quickly sprinted over and witnessed a little girl (probably 3 years old? and apparently this woman's grandaughter) pick up a pile of woodchips on the ground (btw, who's bright idea was it to cover the ground of children's playgrounds and parks with WOODCHIPS? things that can cut you or give you slivers, things that get brought him in shoes and clothes...UGH) and sprinkle them on to her Grandmother's chest! I slowly approached her trying to determine if she was ok...passed out...injured. Her eyes were closed and I immediately panicked thinking the poor woman had knocked herself out cold! So, I very softly said, "excuse me, are you ok?" Thankfully she immediately opened her eyes and said she was fine, but she fell off the slide and was just staying put for a minute. heart stopped racing and after asking her if she needed any help up, I continued on watching Emma.
I stood there noticing at least 4 other Mom's there in the general area..watching the Grandmother...but not saying anything. It made me angry. It reminded me of a bad low situation Emma had at the mall one time...people are such a disappointment sometimes.
I'm letting the anger go though, and hoping to think of some more squeezing in of family fun time for tomorrow...:o)


  1. At least YOU were there to check and help...and maybe those other moms saw you and will think to do the same thing next time!

    And, also, I LOVE wipeout. I crack up every few seconds watching that show.

  2. We're into single digit days before school starts and there's still a ton to do...but it always gets done, so there's no point in stressing (at least that's what I keep telling myself between sips of Mai Thai!!)
    UGH that those other moms just stood there. Glad you and Emma were on it! I'm sure she went home with a smile on her face knowing you checked on her...I know I would have! :)

  3. Bridge and Joe love Wipeout too! And...good for you for just never know. I think people are too withdrawn at times and are somewhat apathetic. Glad you were there to check. xo

  4. Isn't it amazing that people won't help anymore? I am glad she was okay.

  5. my boys love Wipeout so much that our JDRF Walk team name is "Bryce's Team: Wipeout Diabetes"

    It is amazing how people don't take the initiative to help others...glad you are an exception.