Friday, August 12, 2011

My life raft

OK, so I have a gigantic secret and I wish I could share and get some advice from you all....but alas...this time I can least not yet anyway. Which is proving to be quite difficult for me actually, because I am so used to just posting things on here and getting the encouragement and tips and advice. Ahhhh..I wish there was some sort of mental telepathy thing I could get going on with you all.
Ok, I'm gonna sit here and think and concentrate realllllly hard and see if any of you reading this will pick up any vibes about what I am referring to. Here goes..................whew! I think I saw some smoke Anyway, if anyone can inform me on how to post my secret without anyone except my DOC buddies being able to read it...please let me know...I would be forever greatful. I'm sorta just sitting here feeling like I am floundering like a fish and searching desperately for my life raft. You all being my "life raft" for all things D related. Anyhoo....I'm just gonna end this here...because it is probably the #1 thing that I have posted that makes zero sense for now. Waiting patiently for any ideas on how to actually post my big secret without anyone but you guys being able to see it. Thanks!



    The suspense is killing me... The only way I would know how is to make your blog private for the time being, and invite (via sending an email) the people you want to see it. Then you can un-private (de-private?) your blog and remove the post.

    Or just email it to meeeeeeeeeeee!

    My head is going explode from the secrecy of it all!

  2. If you email Joanne, you HAVE TO EMAIL ME TOO!!!!
    Seriously, just open your email, type it up and get it on it's way!!!!!!

  3. I wish I could help??

    Maybe you could ask a fellow blogger to post your secret on their blog and no one will know that it is your secret and you will still get the comments & help that you need. Just a thought!?!?!

    Or yes you could just email it :)

  4. thanks everyone! I can't find your email address anywhere Jo! Can you send it to me again? Or Denise and Nicole if you could email me then I will reply right away :o)

  5. Good ideas...fellow blogger or email. My email is

  6. got your comment, but blogger won't let me see your profile to email you....ugh!
    email me directly and I'll email you back. ;)

  7. I can't find yours either... you can email me at