Monday, August 29, 2011

Buskers and friends who are family

So on the weekend Emma and I went to a Busker Festival downtown with a good friend. She is fantastic and we absolutely love her. I would have never crossed paths with her I am quite sure...if not for diabetes. She is a T1 diabetic as well and I am so beyond greatful that we have her in our lives. She is always there for it when we first started pumping and I was having a full blown panic attack because Emma's BG's were skyrocketing for no apparent reason and I had no idea what to do...and obviously it was at night time and the doctor on call was not doing his duty in returning my calls of panic! She is there to brighten my day with a laugh...actually care enough to ask me how my morning went...or help me pass the time late at night by playing the random "Let's Google Something Funny" game we came up with. Emma adores her. Through our involvement with JDRF, Emma has been lucky enough to meet many kids with T1 just like her...she has a ton of fun hanging out with them and playing at get togethers. I absolutely LOVE the fact though that Emma has someone like Nadine in her life too. I love that she can spend time with her, giggle with her, tease each other, and basically see that T1 has not stopped her either...and she is a grownup! LOL!
Anyway, we all got together and went to this festival which is basically a street fair full of street performers juggling, fire tricks, acrobatics, comedy...they have it all. We had an incredible time! I can't stop thinking though about one particular moment of the day. We were standing there gathered around an act...standing amongst quite a crowd of people actually...watching them perform. I was standing next to our friend and Emma was in front of me. Near the end of the act, I stood there looking from Emma to Nadine...seeing them watch the action. I saw the common bond between them. I saw the incredible connection they have. It's on a level that I will never be able to truly get to be honest...I don't have diabetes. I hope that our friend knows how much it means to me that she is in Emma's life. I hope she knows how greatful I am and how I could never thank her enough. She is kind and of those honest to goodness truly down to Earth good people.
At the end of the performance, I had a bit of an odd feeling as well. I found myself searching Emma's face for signs of a low because I hadn't checked her in a while and like usual was worried about the number. I also found myself searching our friend's face for signs of a low too! I was worried about both of them...a little ridiculous I suppose seeing as how our friend is a full grown responsible adult quite capable of taking care of herself! I couldn't help it though...I was on D-alert...I was worried for them both. Turns out they were both actually high...within 1 number of each other at that! Crazy.
So, to make a long story short...I am lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I may not have my family her with me in Canada....but I have some amazing friends. I hope they know that I consider them to be my family and I love them dearly.


  1. I love this post!! I wish Justin had someone to connect with on that level... how awesome is that?!?

  2. Way cool! I am with Lora...Joe doesn't even seem interested in other peeps with "D" if they are into "hockey" then that is a different story. LOL.