Monday, February 28, 2011

I need some help finding the words please

This Saturday Emma and I will be attending a luncheon to express our gratitude to an organization that are big supporters of JDRF. This will be Emma's first event as this year's Youth Ambassador. I am very excited for her and totally looking forward to it! I need to write out a little speech for her though and I am not sure what to have her talk about. I mean I know obviously the main point of it will be to say thank you and tell them how much we appreciate their support. I guess i am just trying to think of something more...something that will affect these people...something that they will remember when they leave there and go home to tell their families about it. I want them to walk away remembering one of the many many faces of diabetes. I want them to hear her story and see how her life is affected by diabetes. I don't want to have her just babble on about needles and blood sugars and carbs. I want them to look up at her little face and see in her eyes exactly just how much this stupid disease tries to rule our lives. I want her to be able to express this to them simply and easily seeing as how she is only 7. Emma is very well-spoken for a 7 year old...she does have a pretty amazing vocabulary really. I know that she will do a great job.
So, I guess that I am just looking for any suggestions. My brain is fried from dealing with her stomach bug this weekend and I am struggling trying to think of the right words for her to say these things. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!


  1. What a great opportunity. I can't wait to here how it goes. As for advise on what to say, I have none...the idea of speaking in public sends shivers down my spine. But I am sure you guys will do great!

  2. First off, Emma with do great. Secondly, go with your/her heart on the speech. I think talking about the day-in and day-out grind and how "D" is always there...every minute of every day...every holiday...every trip to the pool...every night...every errand...every school day...every vacation... The "never-ending-ness" of it all.

    I dont know if that helps...but maybe.