Monday, February 28, 2011

I was robbed I tell ya! not literally robbed. Not in the "some masked burglar breaking in and stealing our TV and Barry Manilow boxed set" sense of the word robbed. It was more so in the "time" sense of the word. I had great plans for this weekend past. Ranging from piano and gymnastics lessons and a friends party for confronting my own personal hoarders room and making it sparkle like new. Most people have a junk drawer in their house...or a certain closet that bears the brunt of all the "stuff" that we just set aside to look at later as opposed to putting it where it should go. Well, I have an entire junk room. Honestly it is actually referred to as the "play room" because the majority of the junk in there is of the toy variety. My daughter is 7 and has a lot of toys. Too many toys really. The play room has turned in to one of those places where we just put a toy or puzzle or ball or whatever that we just don't use anymore. It is amazing what one can accumulate in 7 years. Anyway, last weekend we went down there and began to work on cleaning it out and actually made a dent in the mess...part of the room actually looks nice now. So, my plans for this weekend were to continue on our quest and finish the room. However, all of that was thrown to the wayside on Friday night at around 11pm.
Emma had been sniffly and sneezy since Thursday, but when she went to bed on Friday...she seemed ok for the most part. I popped in the movie "Due Date"...which is hilarious by the way...and 11pm rolled around to the sounds of Emma throwing up in bed. Queue (or is it Cue?) the scary movie music...DUN DUN DUN!!! I went upstairs to find her shaking uncontrollably and sick everywhere. I carried her downstairs and put her in the bath to wash her off. I started panicking though because the shaking was getting worse. Checked her blood sugar and was 5.8...not too shabby. My mind was racing, my heart was pounding, she was looking at me with sheer terror in her eyes begging me to make it better. I didn't know what to do first...juice box? dry her off? clean off her bed? check for fever? check for ketones? call 911? glucagon? I was frozen in that moment...trying to do all of the above at the same time...Trying to figure it out and straighten it out in my head. I have never been that close to calling 911 in my entire life. I actually had my fingers on the 911 buttons. Then I took a breath, set the phone down, grabbed my baby out of the tub and sat on the bathroom floor with her on my lap, wrapped in towels and blankets...holding her to my chest, rocking her, trying to warm her up, calming her down. She eventually stopped shaking and I began to check things off my list...check temp...yes she had a fever, clean her up and get her dressed...done, make up bed on living room floor where we sleep when she is sick...done, check for ketones...yes she has large amounts, clean off her bed and begin laundry...done and done. I didn't sleep much that night. We spent the majority of Saturday fighting the stomach virus as well. Today was really the first day that she seemed to be getting back to her old self. Full appetite isn't back yet...and still battling ketones, but she is on her way. Basically nothing got done this weekend that I had planned on. I hate that about illnesses. They are like little burglars waiting in the bushes for you to be busy with the dishes...or expecting a crowd of company over to watch the Superbowl so they can come in and steal the big screen TV first. I am a big fan of Henry Rollins. He used to be in a punk band called Black Flag...and now just writes books and goes out on speaking tours. He has a great sense of humor. One time he was talking about "time murderers". We all come across our own time murderers every day...maybe even some of us are actually the time murderers ourselves! You know the type...people who stand around in line ahead of you talking to the cashier about their bunyons or their lazy son-in-laws. People who are in line in front of you at McDonalds staring at the menu trying to decide what to get...I mean seriously? It's know what's on the menu...just pick something!
Anyway, illnesses are time murderers too. They come at the worst times...they waste your whole weekend...they ruin your plans...all along with making you or your child feel awful and sick. Completely not cool. So....that was my weekend. Good news is tomorrow is Monday. Umm...yea...Monday.


  1. Bummer on the illnesses. Although I am not a fan of illnesses and "D"...coupled together. I do like how illnesses make me slow down a bit. Does that sound weird?

  2. Awww, sorry to hear that Emma was sick. Hope she's feeling 100% soon!

  3. It definitely doesn't sound weird Reyna...i totally agree! Thanks Joanne...she seems to be doing better today...ketones are finally gone!! WOOHOO! Getting rid of ketones is like trying to juggle a chainsaw and a feather I swear!