Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Floating blood sugars and snow angels

Today was a teacher Emma had off of school. We actually had a ton of snow fall last night, so I think that it probably would have been a snow day anyway. We decided to make the most of the day and go out and play in the snow! After spending half an hour putting all of the required snow gear on...coats, hats, mittens, snowpants, etc...we ventured outside. My neighbour rocks and actually plowed our driveway today, so we were free from shoveling and decided to grab the sleds and go sledding down the big hill in our backyard. It was a blast! Just the two of us racing down the hill and running back up...laughing and screaming the whole time. It's weird how a bunch of snow will do that to matter what age you are...if there's a decent snowfall out, we all let that 7 year old kid in us come out and run the show. Sledding, making snow angels, snowmen, snowball's the best. Why can't we as adults be like this more often? Why does it take snow to make us remember how much happier and fun life can be acting like a kid?
Anyway, as we were going up and down the hill, I got to thinking....remember that Nickelback video "Savin Me"? There is a man walking around the city and he sees a timer counting down above everyone's head that signifies how much time they have left to live. I actually am NOT a Nickelback fan at all...but I really like that video. So, there I was freezin my bum off sitting in the snow at the top of the hill..watching Emma fly down on her sled, screaming the whole way. Of course diabetes was sitting right there next to me...kicking snow up in my face just to make sure I still remembered it was there. Like I could ever forget! I sat there thinking how great would it be if there could be a little number floating above Emma's head showing me what her current blood sugar was. All the activity of sledding and playing, the cold weather and snow, all of the factors coming into play in her body. It would be nice to just be able to look up at her and see where she was at. I know that's what the meter is for...but life would just be so much easier if it was right there floating above her head. I wouldn't have to sit there wondering...does she look pale? does she look lethargic? is she low? should I check her? I could just look at her...see the 5.2 perfection and keep sliding down the snowhill. Imagine how freaky that would be to the average Joe who knows nothing about diabetes and walked by us in the cereal aisle at the grocery store though!  Ahh....the stuff that skips through my mind sometimes....lolol.


  1. This is why I LOVE,our dexcom. It is like a magic floaty number that tells you what their BG is doing. Although it would be so much cooler if it did float above their head instead of having to fish the receiver out of her pouch!

    Heh... you said bum. Like a good Canadian kid!

  2. OK...I think that Dexcom needs to get on this idea. I would love it during Joe's hockey games!!! That receiver doesn't even pick up his number when he is out on his shift. He doesn't like to wear it, in addition to his pump, during is too much hardware to stuff into his pads apparently.

    Great idea Amy.