Thursday, February 24, 2011

Too much coffee, migraines, and fancy sunglasses

I'm sitting here typing away on the keyboard and wearing a pair of my daughters sunglasses. They are St Patrick's Day style...the frames are shaped like 4 leaf clovers and they are green. Why you ask am I choosing to look so ridiculous? Well, it's sort of a long I suppose I will just start at the beginning. I changed Emma's ratios yesterday because she had been having high blood sugar numbers continuously for the past few days. I figured either she was coming down with something or she had grown and just needed more insulin. I found my answer this afternoon when i got her at lunch from school and she had a runny nose. She has your average ordinary common cold. I love how something so simple causes blood sugars to go so high. Anyway, because I had changed her ratios yesterday I wound up staying awake until 2:00am last night (this morning actually) and had to wake up at 6:00ish in the morning to drive my husband to work so I could have the vehicle during the day since we only have one car and share it. So....that would be 4 hours of sleep I got. Needless to say, I was drinking massive amounts of coffee all day long to fight off the sleepiness and get my daily duties accomplished without any naps. On an average ordinary day I will usually only have 1 or 2 cups of coffee tops...and that's usually in the morning. Well, i went about my day no my stuff done and picked my daughter up from school at the end of the day. We then drove to pick up my husband from work. There is a promotion going on up here at the Tim Horton's coffee stores called Roll Up the Rim to Win. You buy your coffee, drink it, take the lid off, roll up the rim and see if it has something printed on there that says "Win a free coffee" or "Gagnez un cafe" for my French peeps. There are a bunch of other prizes you can win actually...a car, money, TV, etc. Well, I wound up winning a free coffee off of one of the many coffees I drank earlier in the I decided to continue with the theme for the day and use my winning ticket to get another free coffee. We stopped for supper on the way and ate at home. After supper my daughter and i decided to go to the store because I had noticed earlier that day that her winter boots were falling apart and she needed a new pair. We hopped in the car and drove to Zellers (like Target...but not). I parked the car, got out, and waited for Emma to hop out. Instantly I got a migraine. Awesome. I haven't had one in a while really...but when i get them, they begin with my vision getting all screwy. I start to see wavy, squiggly lines in my perepheral vision and those lines sloooowwwly keep moving across my line of sight until they get to the other side and go away completely. Then my head hurts so bad that it makes me want to barf. The only thing that I have found that works is to sit there in the dark and wait it out. Well, I couldn't very well turn the car on and drive home to a dark room because I couldn't see properly due to the squiggly lines. So, there we sat in the parking lot waiting it out. To pass the time, I turned the ignition to the accessories on the car and put the radio on and Emma sat there playing with the GPS finding the most direct route to Poland or Venezuela or somewhere. I sat there with my eyes closed and talked in my head to my deceased grandfather (who I believe watches over my daughter and I all the time) to help me out and make this migraine pass quickly so we could just go home. Needless to say, the car battery died. Double awesome. So, i had to phone my husband at home and get him to get a ride from the neighbour to come and give me a boost. To make an extremely long story short...they came, boosted the car, and we went home. Once at home, I laid down on the couch and turned the lights off trying to ease my aching eyes and head. Usually I will even put on a pair of my sunglasses to help with the bright-light-searing-eye pain situation. Well, back in the summer my own sunglasses actually broke in I have none. I asked Emma if perhaps she would find me a pair of hers. She actually has a few pairs of them around. Well, the first pair she found turned out to be these funky St Patty's day ones. So, I put them on...and here I sit...looking very Irish-ly festive. Through all of my ordeal this evening and all of my head/eye daughter was so sweet. She sat by me and rubbed my head, found and shared her sunglasses with me, helped my husband get me some Advil and water, played very quietly, and told me she loved me. I know it's just a migraine...not some serious dramatic illness....but it just felt really nice to see her behaving that way. She is so sweet and caring. She is always wanting to help and she is very compassionate. Not only was she wanting to ease my eye pain...but she also wanted to make sure I looked as stylish as possible. I love that about her. What a kid...lolol!!


  1. I love how you describe all our Canadianisms in your post...I haven't won a thing yet in roll up the rim and and I'm sick of it! LOL I hope the pain goes away at least you have the sweetest little girl to make you feel better.

  2. I am impressed that you even wrote this with a migraine (would have been even better if you included a pic of you in those glasses) Hope you feel better!