Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

The past couple of weeks have been brutal to say the least. Some of it was diabetes related and some of it wasn't...all of it sucked. It really got to the point of making me feel like I might as well have been banging my head up against the least I would have been doing something productive. UGH. Anyway, this morning I woke up and realized how old it was getting. Being grumpy...shuffling along all day just focusing on putting out the proverbial fires and making sure I check off as many things on my to do list as possible that day so i didn't have to do it the was all getting old to me. I decided to accept the fact that I am really the one in control of my I had better take the bull by the horns and steer this puppy the right way instead of the wrong way down a one-way street. Wow...that last sentence might not make a whole lot of sense...bulls? puppies? streets? Yea...well...that's the kind of week I have been having, so cut me some Anyway, I made this mental decision to stop being angry at the ignorance of stop focusing on all of the negative things that have happened try and flip the coin over and find the positive-ness (so not a word I am sure!). In doing so, i have realized that I really do have a lot of amazing people in my life. People who really are there for me and willing to help me. People who actually care about me and my family. It gives me the warm fuzzies inside to think about it really.
So anyway, today after I dropped Emma back off at school after lunch, I went to the store with the intention of mailing something. I got to the post office (which is inside a store much like Target...but not Target...because I'm not in the states) and realized that I forgot to bring the address with me of where I needed to mail this thing. Fabulous. Instead of getting angry and adding it to my list of daily grievances, I just shrugged it off and decided to go look at the books. (On a side note regarding the list of grievances...wouldn't it be funny if there was some sort of human resources person we could take our daily grievances and complaints to and she would fix them? HA! Hell...even a suggestion box would be nice!)
Anyway, so I was browsing over the children's books because they happened to all be on sale...2 for $6. I found one for Emma and decided to get one for one of those amazing people in my life that I was referring to earlier. A couple of weeks ago she had mentioned that her 4 year old son was upset because she had forgotten to send in the money for his book order at school that day and he just loves reading. So, i found a nice book about trucks that I plan on giving to her for her son today after school! It feels good to think of other's nice to do things for others...I like it. I like making people smile and surprising them with something nice. It makes me feel good for doing it...and it makes them feel good for knowing that someone was thinking of them and appreciates them too! It's a win win situation. Why don't more people do things for others? Why don't more people take a minute out of their day to think of someone else and doing something kind for them...bring them a coffee...shovel their and say hello, how are you? I just don't understand why more people don't do these things.
Well, here's to hoping everyone else in the world will realize the good feeling a win win situation brings at some point in their lives.


  1. Choosing joy isn't preprogrammed . . . . THAT is why is isn't easy or natural for people to do for others. But, you are sooooo right! It feels great and has the power to change how you view situations.

    Happy to hear about the upturn of your day, Amy!!!

  2. Hmmmm ,sounds like an attitude adjustment I need to make. Love your outlook, especially the last part about doing things for others.

    P.S. I thought I heard something about Target coming to Canada... didn't they buy all the old Zellers stores?

  3. I love you Amy Lynn Schmidt-Ermel! I absolutely find you an amazing person, mother and the greatest read on FB! LOL thanks for walking in the door at ComNet so so many years ago...