Monday, February 7, 2011

My birthday wishes

Well, today is my birthday! I am 34 years old. Not one of those milestone birthdays by any means...however, I have been having a few moments throughout the day today that went a little something like this...."34??? How in the world did this happen???" I remember when my parents were 34....and now here I sit. My wishes for the day included sleep, coffee, not having to cook dinner, and for Emma's blood sugars to be decent. You know you're old WHEN, right?!
I knew I was reaching for the stars when I put sleep on the top of my list, so I wasn't too disappointed when it didn't happen. I think that is the #1 rule for diabetes...don't ever let them sleep...keep them in a constant state of alert. Thanks for scratching that one off the list diabetes!
I was successful with #2 on my lots of it!! I think the lady at the Tim Horton's drive-thru was starting to wonder if i was lost or something and just kept making a continuous loop to grab another coffee.
I also won out and got #3 on my list! My husband and daughter took me out for chinese buffet for dinner. It was yummy, I ate like a pig, and i loved every minute of it. One thing happened there though that sort of put a tiny black mark on that item on my wishlist. When we were sitting there eating our desert, the hostess came over and tried to seat a man and woman (appeared to be in their 60's) at a table next to ours. The woman looked over at Emma, gave her a nasty look (we like to refer to it as "the hairy eyeball"), and declared in a loud voice, "Can't you seat us at a table away from any kids?!" Nice...sometimes old people suck. My daughter is going to be 7 next week...she's not one of those kids that climbs all over the table...she doesn't scream and cry, she doesn't throw her food around. She's a good kid...very well behaved and polite. I have gotten so used to the prejudices associated with diabetes over the years, that this is really the first time that I have experienced the typical "kid prejudices." Sort of an odd feeling really. I was angry that she was so loud about it and that she assumed my kid was going to be a nuisance. My daughter made it better though by making me laugh hysterically....she asked me if I wanted her to go walk over to the table this couple did eventually sit at and just stand there staring at them...the whole while having her finger up her nose. LOLOL I love my kid's sense of humour.
Finally #4 on my wishlist was not so successful. Her numbers weren't horrible...but they weren't good all day either. Such is life though (woohoo for cliches). I am greatful to have had a great day. I'm greatful that i have made it to 34. I'm greatful to have such a fantastic and hilarious daughter who loves me. I am a lucky girl and I think I will go make good on wish #1 soon...sleep is going to be mine!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! I hate when people make assumptions about my kids without even knowing them. But... I LOVE Emma's response. She rocks!

    P.S. Mattias is 5 months old today, so it's sorta like you share a b-day. Okay, not really... but I did sing happy birthday to him today anyway.

  2. I would have done the same thing as Emma suggested at the table.. LOL... but as an adult! then I would have sat on their table... and licked the spoon! LOL
    But, since my daughter is 20 now, it certainly isn't the first time I have had that look from people regarding kids. General rule, Pizza parlor... no rules, kids run wild. Anywhere else, they need to behave or wait in the car, which that was what my parents did. I seem to have to wait in the car with them now! LOL
    happy birthday my friend... i thought of you yesterday when i had THE greatest sugar free cake!! :)

  3. Happy birthday Amy-and good advice about sitting on the table and licking the spoon. We should all try that next time!lol....glad you got 2 out of 4....

  4. HAPPY BIRHTDAY! Bummer on the old peeps!

  5. Ahhh...I meant "Birthday"...not "BIRHTDAY"

  6. thanks for the bday wishes everyone! Happy 5 months to Mattias too Joanne!! :o)