Friday, February 11, 2011

The hidden bonus of wearing mittens!

I had such a horribly crap-tastic day today that I don't even want to talk about it. We are talking top 5 in the all-time crap-tastic day scale of measurement. I wish it was tomorrow this time. I know you are probably thinking, "Amy...why are you writing this blog then and being so vague about the crap-tastic-ness that was your day?" Well, I have talked about it so much today that I really am exhausted with the whole situation. Instead, I am going to try and practice some life skills that I have a hard time using. I am going to try and think of 5 positive things in my life at this moment in time. Things that I am greatful for and things that make me smile. It is hard for me in general to focus my thoughts on these good things...let alone on a day from hell. I really wish I could be like one of those motivational, inspirational, peppy people a lot more. Ok...maybe not the peppy part so much...cause they tend to annoy me to no end. But definately the motivational and inspirational parts are something I would like to display more often. I know everyone in the world has problems and issues and I am not alone. It's just sometimes my world seems to get so completely overwhelming that I feel like I just can't handle one more thing...and then that one more thing happens and hops on top of the pile-o-stress already on my shoulders. It makes me want to climb up on to the roof and scream until no more sound comes out, climb back down, go inside, put my Snuggie on and drink some hot chocolate. Anyway, I seem to have strayed from my original intention of thinking about 5 good things in my here goes...
(1) I am greatful for my daughter and her many impressions. I got to hear her latest one today...Fred Sanford from "Sanford and Son" doing the whole "I'M COMIN ELIZABETH!" in front of her school after lunch. How does an almost 7 year old know about Fred Sanford??? I have NO idea honestly.
(2) I am greatful for ice scrapers for the car. Without them, I would have most definitely gotten into a car accident on the way to school by now.
(3) I am greatful for mittens. They keep my hands warmer than gloves do. As an added bonus, they make it super easy to flip someone off without them even knowing...very satisfying discovery I made today in fact.
(4) I am greatful for Oreo cookies. They are tasty. They are fun to eat. They are only 9 carbs each.
(5) I am greatful for having a house. It's freezing out and it would suck to be out there. It would suck to have to sleep out there and freeze all night.
That is all I can come up with for now....I feel a tad bit better about my day now. I hope tomorrow is not a repeat performance.


  1. Hey, sorry you had a bad day! Way to choose joy and focus on 5 positives!

  2. Hmmmm, was there something in the air yesterday? My day was a pile o' crap too! Here's to today being wonderful! Actually, I would settle for fine.

  3. I think I need to get me some mittens....awesome!

    Hope today (and all the next) are better!