Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's do it again! Let's do it again!

So it's a long weekend here in good old Canada...tomorrow is Family Day. It's too bad that it's not on a day in the summer where the weather is nicer, so families could get out and do something fun together in the sunshine...but I can't complain...a day off is a day off! Anyway, this afternoon Emma and I were bored and decided to bring her plasma car outside to ride seeing as how the snow has pretty much melted off of the sidewalks now. It was a blast! She started out just riding it along the flat sidewalk. As I was walking along next to her, i couldn't help but remember all of the times I had walked up and down that sidewalk following her on her big wheel or her bike...or even when she was first learning to walk and was still weebly wobbly. I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that she is now 7 years old. She is taller and acts older and seems so much more grown up to me lately. If I let really makes me sad...I miss chasing after her little 2 year old self running down the sidewalk. I miss hearing her sing that song from "Hoodwinked" while she peddles along on her bigwheel. That song is forever etched in my memory..."Here's a story I hope you'll like! It's the one about the girl riding on her bike. It's a tired old tale, but it still rings true...." She used to sing that at the top of her lungs while peddling furiously past our house...her little legs a blur pumping away on those plastic peddles. Time really does fly by. She will always be my baby...I will always see that sweet little innocent twinkle in her eyes when i look at matter how old she is...7 or even 57.
Anyway, flat ground quickly became boring for we took off up the street to start at the top of a curved hill for her to have a little more excitement on the plasma car. We walked to the top and of course I had to carry it the whole way...because she's not quite old enough apparantly to not need me to hoof it up hills loaded down with her heavy belongings! So, we reached the top and I set the plasma car down for her to sit on. She plopped right down and took second thoughts at all. She quickly picked up speed and I actually had to full out run to keep up with her and make sure she didn't wipe out. It was great...she screamed the whole way with excitement...her cheeks bright red from the cool wind and the fun of the ride. At the bottom, the first thing she said was of course, "Mommy!! Let's do it again!!" So, back up we went...her running ahead of trying to keep up while carrying the plasma car. We must have done that at least a dozen times. It really got me thinking...yes it's true, I do most definitely miss how things were years ago when she was tiny....but I also love how things are now! I love seeing her have fun...I love seeing her be a regular little kid...playing outside, riding her plasma car, going all out doing something that might seem scary and having a blast the whole time. I love how she shows me what is really important in life. I learned from her today that acting like a kid and feeling the cool wind in your face while flying down a hill is by far much better than anything else I could have done today. Being a grown up is hard and a lot of it is not fun at taking those little moments in time...those precious seconds of's important. Grab ahold of as many of those moments as you can, because before you know it...these days will be gone too. Here's to many many more days of playing outside and flying down the hill with as much enthusiasm as a 7 year old!

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  1. Ummmm...what's a plasma car? Is it something they have in Canada? And of course Family Day is in the winter. Canada only gets one summer day each year and they didn't want to waste it on a lame holiday like Family Day. Then again this is a country that celebrates Thanksgiving in October. They have no idea what to do with holidays. But yeah, I know the bittersweet feeling of missing my kids when they were little. Wait until she becomes a surly teenager. You'll really miss that sweet little girl. But yeah, I wanna see a pic of the plasma car.