Thursday, February 3, 2011

Forest old smarty pants!!

I'm a big fan of cliches...I use them whenever i get the opportunity actually. One of my favorites is definitely Forest Gump's "life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get." Ahh Forest, truer words were never spoken (wait...did I just comment on a cliche by using another cliche?...and is "truer" an actual word?) Our lives really are like that box of assorted chocolates. Sometimes we have amazing things happen...i.e. finding the love of our lives, having children, winning free chicken wings for a year at the Montana's restaurant down the street. All good things comparable to choosing that piece of chocolate and biting into it to discover the ooey gooey caramel goodness that is your favorite. Of course with the good will always come the bad (HA! another cliche!!) i.e. losing your job, getting a speeding ticket, tripping as you are walking up the stairs as a crowd of people are walking down said stairs causing you to begin running up stairs to make it look like this was all you all of the sudden decided to begin stair running half way up...just cause. These things are all comparable to choosing your piece of chocolate, biting into it, and finding that disgusting orange filled center...or the coconut creamy yuckiness. Yes, I know, some people really like the orange or the coconut filled chocolates...not each his own i say (WOOHOO! yet another cliche!) Diabetes sort of goes along with this whole cliche concept too...some days are filled with the yummy delicious treats of good blood sugars every single time you check, no crazy spikes or drops over night, never hitting a blood vessel causing a bloody mess (literally) when you give an injection to your kid. Other days are filled with bite after bite of the gross disgusting "treats" (I use those quotation marks loosely) of continual high blood sugars that after a while, make you feel like someone must have swapped out the insulin cartridge with a vial of water, or low blood sugars all day and night long making you question for just a moment if your child has somehow cured themselves of their diabetes, or the exhausting and mind numbing nights/wee hours of the morning that go along with stomach viruses.
So, yes Forest are really is like a box of chocolates. I'd like to place my order right now for a box filled with my favorite peanut butter filled chocolates. Please and thank you.

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