Sunday, February 13, 2011

Twas the night before the big party...

Twas the night before the big party and all through the house...not a creature was stirring except for our boy cat named Daisy, dreaming of a mouse.
Invitations for 15 little first graders were sent days ago...every single one said YES...and I'm thinking WOAH!
All I can say is thank GOD I had enough brain cells not to hold the party at our home...for cleaning up afterwards would have really blown!
Everything will be taken care of except for the tomorrow morning I will wake in a mood...
I dislike the morning ever so much....but I must make fruit trays, popcorn bowls, sandwiches and such.
They will all most definitely have a fantastic time with lots of laughs and play...I hope for my daughter, it is THE perfect day!
On the way, I CAN NOT forget to pick up the cake...or I fear the kids will certainly throw me in the lake!
There are many wishes for my baby girl on her special in particular that I just have to say...
I wish for her to completely forget all about her diabetes life...and how it always causes so much strife.
I want her to enjoy her party and be a kid....blood sugars, carbs, insulin-her mind can be rid.
Have her special day be worry, stress, and diabetes free....simply put, just let her BE.
I will manage her blood sugars and keep close tabs to make this happen...if diabetes doesn't cooperate, I will be a-snappin!!
She puts up with you every second of every day of her life...if you try to ruin this for her, i will smack you with the cake knife!!
So for now, this night I will put to I can make sure my sweet girl's day will be the best!


  1. The vision of you smacking "D" with the cake knife is PRICELESS!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet gal!!!!

  2. Love it! And Happy Birthday to Emma!

    When Elise turned 2 (which was at the same time as her 1 year dx anniversary), we decided to throw her a big, fun party. Because her doc called us with the dx when we were in the middle of her 1st birthday party, pretty much ruining it, we wanted to make up for it. So we had it at a park and invited about 70 people, thinking less than half would come.

    Imagine my surprise when almost everyone RSVP'd yes!!! Thankfully, we all came down with swine flu AND it rained that weekend, forcing us to cancel and reschedule for the next week. Only 50 people could make it... It was quite a party!

    Hope Emma's day is every bit as fun and D behaves for you!

  3. Hope Emma has a happy birthday and a wonderful party!

    (and while I love the idea of smacking D with a knife, I hope it doesn't come to that!)

  4. Have you scene the Wii game where you slice food with a sword and you try to beat the computer or another player? I envision you with a big 'ol sharp cake knofe just slicing through D with a clean 'S-C-H-W-O-O-P' and knocking it down. Hehe

    Very fun and cool way to tell us about what is certain to be one fantabulous party!!!!!

  5. thanks everybody! Amy, i haven't seen that game actually...but it sounds fabulous!! lolol! Emma had a BLAST today and diabetes did not get us this time...muahahaha!! to share how excited she was, i will tell you what she ate this afternoon without needing ANY insulin...a cup of apple juice, corner piece of cake with loads of frosting, popcorn, crackers, pepperoni, grapes, candy, and an oreo cookie....her blood sugar afterwards was 5.5 (thats 99 for those of you in the states!) was like diabetes gave us the day off today...awesome!!