Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where the heck is that pause button?

My kid is growing up way too fast and I wish I could slow it down a bit...maybe even stop it all together...lol. As we were walking up the path to her school this morning, she passed by a friend from her class whom she calls her "brother from another mother"...yea...in case you've forgotten, my kid is 6. Anyway, he shouted to her, "Hi Emma!!" and she waved at him and shouted, 'sup Chris?!.....it took everything in me to not start laughing. We are getting to that age where she isn't always sure that she wants her friends to see me kiss her goodbye in the morning...sometimes she doesn't care...and sometimes she does and gets totally embarassed. It is a good thing and yet a sad thing also for me. It makes me happy that she is growing up and becoming more independant and has her very own personality. I love that she has her very own life away from me when she is at school. On the other hand, it makes me sad...she will be 7 in about 3 weeks now....she is most definitely not a baby anymore. She doesn't need me as much as she used to. She is getting taller and loose teeth are falling out (2 teeth in the past 2 days now! sheesh!) and she actually cares what clothes she is wearing and how her hair looks. It makes my heart hurt when I look at her sometimes and see that she doesn't really have that baby face anymore...she's a regular kid now.
I wish I could just pause time for a little bit so I could grab ahold of her and hug and cuddle her...imprinting it in my brain forever. Hold her hand while walking through the store and file that feeling away in my mind...how her little hand feels in mine. Listen to her giggle over and over and get to that point where she's laughing so hard that no sound comes out. I want to hold that sound in my heart always. In my almost 34 years on this Earth....there is still no other sound that comes close to topping it....except maybe hearing her little voice say, "I love you, Mommy!"....that is the best.
I do know I can't stop it and I know I can't even slow down time. So, for this moment in time...I am just going to be greatful for what I have, hug her extra hard, give her lots of kisses, and tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me.


  1. that's beautiful! When is Emma's bday? My son Ricky will be 7 on 2/21

  2. ahh how funny! Emma will be 7 on the 14th! My little Valentine's Day baby...:o)

  3. Sweet post, Amy. I have tried briocks on their heads but, sigh, nothing seems to work ;). Go ahead and put the mop away so you can snuggle and cuddle while you still have her at home!!!!

  4. :-)

    my D boy will be 6 on the 17th....they grow way too fast but each step is so amazing and fun.