Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting used to the air....and 80's shoulder pads

So, I was talking to a friend the other day about how annoying it is to get up in the middle of the night to check our kids blood sugar. Lying in bed...all nice and cozy and warm...blankets pulled up around you...all snug as a bug in a rug. Who would ever like having to get out of that cocoon of warm sleepy goodness and step onto the cold floor, go downstairs to get the meter and tiptoe into their kids room to check? I know, it's no fun for the actual diabetic kid either to possibly get woken up and disturbed...but wow...I can't tell you how many inner arguments I have had with myself at 3am to just get up and do it. Parenting a diabetic kid takes a lot of perseverance and dedication. I can honestly say I am fully committed to winning that inner fight with myself. It's a good thing my husband is a sound sleeper or else he probably would think I am even more crazy than he already does. Seeing me lying there with one leg out of the blankets testing the air temperature...trying to convince the rest of my body to just get up and do it already. I honestly don't know what good I think I am doing by sticking the one leg out. I am usually one of those people though who will ease my way into the water at the beach or pool...and tell everyone not to splash me because I am just trying to "get used to the water" first. Really all I am doing is prolonging the torture...inching along until the water gets to my stomach and I lightly splash the water onto myself thinking that's going to make things easier. I'm such an I wish i could just run out and dive right in the water and get it over with in one fail swoop...kinda like ripping the band-aid off really quick. It's that moment in time though that stops me...that moment where you are completely under the water and it is SO cold that you lose all the breath in your lungs. So, instead I inch along as slow as I can....Now, I do the exact same thing with getting out of bed in the middle of the night! I should just fling the blankets off and get the job done...instead of trying to accomplish the ridiculous feat of "getting used to" the cold air. Ah of these days.
In the meantime (is that one word or two? I'm gonna stick with one because it looks weird as two and I'm too lazy to look it up), my friend and I got to talking about that wonderous invention....the Snuggie...I will pause for the "oohs" and "ahhs"......ok, yes I got a Snuggie for Christmas as a joke. Turns out that I love it...unless I have to get up and walk around...then it kind of sucks. It falls down right off of your shoulders because there is really no way to keep them up there unless you are built like an NFL player or still wear your favorite shirt from the 1980's complete with giant shoulder pads. I suppose that wasn't the true intent of a Snuggie really. I think it was meant to wear while sitting on the couch and lounging while watching TV or reading a book. At least that is what I have seen the woman on the TV commercials doing while wearing her Snuggie. So, anyway...I was discussing this with my friend and I mentioned that they should make a Snuggie for parents of diabetics! They should make a special version of a Snuggie that will somehow attach and stay up on your shoulders even if you have small, narrow, bony shoulders like I do. That way when you have to get up and check blood sugars in the middle of the night...there is no need to freeze your bum off! You can hang on to that warm and cozy cocoon feeling and move about the house freely and all Snuggie-fied while checking for low blood sugars at any hour. I need to make this happen. I can even picture all the fabulous designs we could put on them...a nice print pattern of juiceboxes dancing in a conga line....test strips forming tic tac toe lines...blood sugar meters wearing those cute little night caps that no one wears anymore (why DOES no one wear those anymore by the way?! i love those!) Anyway, I could think of more I am sure...but it's currently laundry o'clock for me..such a fun filled life I lead.


  1. LOVE your print pattern ideas!
    I also am one to slowly get into the water....but then again, I have my hubby do the night checks ;-)

  2. Hi Amy! Good post you have here. I am the type you dives in without any trepidation because I love the rush of the shock of cold. Getting out of a warm bed, however, is not as enjoyable ;)

    If you like the bracelet idea, click on the link to the 'Shains' company in my post. They sell right off the website! We really do love ours.

    And finally, VERY nice interview with Leighann over at D-Mom blog!