Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sippin on ginger ale

I'm starting to think that I start too many of my blog posts with the intro of "So...." I am going to rebel and not do it this time. It reminds me of how my daughter is always telling me what her new catchphrase is...she's forever changing it though, which sort of defeats the purpose of what a catchphrase really is.
Anyway, it is officially January 1, 2011. Happy New Year to all! I am hoping that 2011 brings in healthier days than the end of 2010 did. I either had food poisoning or a stomach virus from hell last night which was not my idea of the perfect way to ring in the new year. Such is life. It got me thinking though...being the Mom of a diabetic child is always a challenge in itself...but trying to perform those same tasks are even harder when you are sick. I think I have been sick like this only 1 other time since Emma was diagnosed thankfully. It is brutal though. There I was lying on the bathroom floor with my Snuggie (or Snoogie as Emma calls it) wrapped around me, shivering, sick to my stomach, wondering how in the hell I was going get up to check Emma's blood sugar to make sure she wasn't low. I lay there on the little bathroom rug that I usually stand on when getting out of the shower weighing my was either crawl on my hands and knees out to the kitchen to get her meter and then up the stairs to her room to check and hope that I don't throw up along the way? Or crawl out to the living room, grab my cell phone and call the house phone to wake up my sleeping husband (who was also sick...but not to the extreme as I was) and get him to check her? I chose option 2 simply because it required less movement on my part...and with the room spinning as it was, I thought that was the best way to go. Needless to say, we made it through the night and I am feeling a little better today. It made me realize though that I am in total awe of single parents who have diabetic children. I don't know how you do it. Honestly I don't think I would have been able to check on Emma unless I had my husband around. During the day she is getting to the point where she can be pretty self-sufficient as far as checking her own blood sugar and telling me what it is or grabbing what I tell her she can have for a snack. During the night when she is sleeping though...that is not an option. It is scary really. What if I didn't have my husband around and what if I wasn't ok enough to go check her and she turned out to be low and had a seizure? She could have died. Plain and simple. I wonder if people outside of the diabetic community think about these things. Probably not. Why would they really?
In any case, another fun and exciting chapter in our life with diabetes saga has passed and we all survived. As I sit here sipping on my glass of ginger ale, I hope that 2011 brings healthy days, fun times, and a cure for diabetes.


  1. I have soooo been there before :( Being sick and taking care of kids is difficult, throw D into the mix and it's downright awful!!!

    Hope you are feeling better...Happy New Year!

  2. Not a fun way to start off the new year. Hope you feel better soon!