Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strep throat? I can do this blindfolded

I just wanted to share how proud I am with myself because I know that all you diabetic parents out there will be able to relate to this. This morning started out like any other up, dressed, ate, and sent Emma off to school. When I picked her up at lunchtime, she seemed a little "off" to me though. She looked pale, seemed tired, and her voice sounded different. I kept asking her if she felt ok or if something was wrong...and she gave me her usual response of "I'm FINE, Mommy!" I think she must get sick of being asked if she is ok so many times during the day, that she has just resorted to answering this way just to make me shut up and stop asking. Anyway, I went to pick her up from school at the end of the day and she looked even worse to me. I mean she was running around the playground and chatting away with her friends...but something still just seemed weird. My Mommy-radar was going off big time! Well, we got home and I asked her again if she was ok...only to get the same response. I then basically had to threaten her with a trip to the hospital to get her to tell me the truth. I told her that if something was wrong she had better tell me now when there was still time to go to a doctor, instead of waiting until the middle of the night and wind up having to go to the E.R. So, she 'fessed up and told me her throat hurt. Well, after dinner we hopped in the car and headed out to the doctor. She did a swab and said that it was strep throat! I KNEW something was wrong! It must sound horrible to say, but it made me happy. I was so totally and completely proud of myself for knowing. It felt good to realize that I really do know my kid. I really do know her better than absolutely any one else in the world. I can sense when even the littlest thing seems off. I heard it in her voice and I saw it in her eyes. It was such a nice validation. I am also not in the least bit worried or nervous about this illness. She got her antibiotics and her BG's are not horrible...a tiny bit high...but nothing major...and no ketones. I feel like I can handle this no problem. I will take strep throat any day over a stomach virus! I can handle this one. It makes me feel like I am the one in control and I can just stand up and do my Mommy duties and take care of this one. I don't have that helpless, panicked, stressed to the max feeling I get when she has a stomach virus. This is easy. It must sound so wrong for me to be saying these things and sounding so happy with the diagnoses of strep....but I can't help it. Diabetes has made me feel so lost, out of control, and constantly worried for so long....that I LOVE it when i actually have to deal with something that is somewhat easy. Anyway, our plan for tomorrow is to be lazy and relax on the couch all day watching movies and eating popsicles. First on the list is "Mary Poppins"...and then I think she has decided on the entire Shrek I can't wait.


  1. Mommies know best! Hope she feels better soon (& you don't get it)

  2. What a great oersopective, Amy! Yes, even though D sucks rotten eggs, it certainly does make us a tough and gritty bunch. Stronger than we thought we could ever be!

    Well wishes coming your way . . . up north from me where I can't believe it is colder than our frigid current temp of 12 degrees. Bbbbrrrrr!

  3. Ack. spelling and I do NOT mix.

    'perspective' ;)

  4. Awwww, hope she's feeling better soon. Way to trust your Mommy-radar!