Friday, January 28, 2011

Lights all around the world

I think it's pretty crazy/amazing how connected parents of diabetic kids and diabetics themselves are. Before Emma was diagnosed, I was on the computer like normal...probably not as much as I am now I suppose...and I had "friends" on Facebook just like most everyone else out there in the world. It was never really anything majorly important to me. I didn't write a blog. I lived in my own little bubble in my own little corner of the world. I was totally oblivious to there being any Mom out there struggling to keep her child's BG up, or staying up all hours of the night checking for ketones and battling an illness with their diabetic child, or pulling their hair out trying to get their child's school to be more supportive. I was clueless as to what the big bad world really had out there...I was naive. Since Emma was diagnosed, I have met so many amazing people who are affected by this disease every single day....just like we are. They are always there to support and listen...always there to offer advice or a shoulder to cry on...they are always there to be our cheerleaders when we need them most. I can't believe how special it is really. I know Mom's thru the internet that are all over this world...Canada, US, Australia, South's beyond amazing to me that this one thing has connected us all. When I read about one of them having a rough time with diabetes...barely hanging on by a thread...stressed out or the hospital with their child, it hurts my heart...I wish I could be there in person for them if even to just offer a hug....and a coffee of course...diabetic parents are never ones to turn away a coffee! But then I realize that they must feel the same way I do....they know that all they have to do is turn on their computer and here we all will be to support them too. It's an awesome thing and I am so greatful. I'm pretty sure I would have lost my mind long ago if not for all of you.
I remember one night a couple of years was around 2:00am and it was the first time Emma had a stomach virus since being diagnosed. I was so completely over the edge with worry and stress over what to do. I was crying my eyes out and praying for help...praying for this all to stop and for me to be able to have my little girl back to normal. I was having the hardest time keeping her BG above 3.0 and I was exhausted. So, I got on the computer and went on Facebook. A friend that I met on a diabetes group happened to be online...she lives in Florida, so it was 2:00am for her as well. She had a diabetic daughter who actually passed away as a teenager. She was there for me...she talked me through everything...she offered support and advice...she even gave me her phone number and told me to call any time if I ever needed help. I will never forget that night. I will never be able to express how greatful I was for having her there to support me. Diabetes is such a mean and unfair is greedy and relentless...but I have learned to spot the good things in it. I have learned to find that silver lining....that good light in all this messy darkness. I know I can always turn on my computer and find that good light out there...that supportive friend who truly it here at home in Canada...or all the way on the other side of the world in South Africa. I am greatful for that.


  1. how wonderful that she reached out to you... I have found that the DOC is just wonderful for that. I would have lost it a long time ago too if not for all the wonderful peeps that live in my computer. I would give anything to meet them for real.

  2. Beautifully put, Amy. Especially the title. I can almost see an aerial map of teh globe at night with all the T1D houses lit up with families checking and treating blood sugars. It is so wonderful to connect and have a common thread that ties us all together so we don't flail about all crazy-like. Well, almost ;)

    I agree with Joanne. We need a conference!!!!! Let's make it Hawaii

  3. OOH-Hawaii works for me too!lol-I am with you there Amy. You are one of the many D-parents who have helped me save what sanity I have left since Riley was diagnosed. It's so lonely sometimes in this corner of my world but I am never without the love and support of a D-parent online. If we get nothing else good from this we have each other and we honestly would have probably never connected without it. Love my D-parents!