Friday, January 7, 2011

A typical morning in the Ermel house

This morning our mad rush to get out the door and off to school before 8:30 was just as jam packed full of fun as usual. I find it absolutely amazing how I can be running around from room to room trying to pack Emma's snacks in her backpack, get her clothes, brush her hair and teeth, breakfast, needles, etc...all the while screaming at the cat to get OFF the coffee table and stop trying to drink the water out of Emma's cup. And Emma will be sitting there curled up on the couch taking a bite of her breakfast....chewing for what seems like 200 times...swallowing....daydreaming for about 10 minutes....take another bite...repeat. Totally oblivious to the fact that we need to speed things up a bit. She is completely unfazed by my repeated attempts at getting her to hurry up. During mornings like these, I always think to myself that I should set the alarm for a bit earlier and avoid all of this chaos...but I never do...because I am tired...and stubborn. I always recall the times where I wind up sleeping in (which is more frequent than I care to admit) and finally wake up having roughly 25-30 min. to get her to school on time...and I always do it! I figure if I can make things happen in that amount of time...I should be able to get 'er done in the normal time!
So, anyway...there I was in the driveway brushing the snow off of the car assuming Emma was inside getting all of her winter gear on..snowpants, coat, hat, etc. Well, I finished the car and popped my head back in the front door and asked her if she was ready to go....that was a big NO. She managed to get her snowpants on and one boot...and was sitting there on the floor watching a show called "The Last 10 Pounds". I'm not sure if you are familiar with this show...but it is definitely not anywhere close to being your typical 6 year old watching morning cartoon programming. I asked her what she was doing and how come she wasn't ready yet? She looked up at me and stated matter-of- factly, "Ah sorry! I was watching 'The Last 10 Pounds' Mommy!! I LOVE this show!"....yep...she's 6. In conclusion, we did make it to school on time...just barely...thank God it's Friday.

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