Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The mind of a 1st grader

Since my kid has started school, I have had the privilege of getting to hear a few nuggets of wisdom from the mind of a 1st grader pretty much every day. So, I thought I would share a few here in no particular order.

1) It's all about the picture on your backpack/lunchbag/waterbottle. Apparantly what's inside it really doesn't matter at all. You could be drinking squirrel pee at snack time...but as long as it's out of a water bottle with a cute monkey cartoon on it, that's all that matters.
2) Having to practice writing your letters out more than 10 times justifies the need to tell the teacher that you "need to take a personal day".....lolol...yes a 1st grader in Emma's class actually said this.
3) In order to have a baby when you are a grown up, you have to get a giant needle in your back. hmmm...what??
4) Apparantly boys dirt.
5) Apparantly girls smell like flowers.
6) How many teeth you have lost is like a competition and a status symbol.
7)  Learning how to put on your own scarf with no help from the teacher is about as difficult as performing brain surgery blindfolded
8) Absolutely anything and everything is a competition...who can get dressed for recess time the fastest, who can eat their snack the fastest, how many times you can hop on one foot, how many brothers and sisters you have, etc.
9) And finally...whoever smelled it, is not necessarily the one who dealt it.

Ahh to be a 1st grader again....good times.

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